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We wash you a merry Christmas Printable

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This We wash you a merry Christmas Printable makes the most adorable holiday gift. Just added your favorite scent of hand soap, decorate and give to friends and family. They will be so impressed with your creativity.

close up of Soap

If you are doing a neighborhood Christmas gift, work gift, or a fun gift for friends and family this is a really cute idea.

Not only is it easy to make, but it looks adorable! Everything glues on with glue dots or Elmer's glue so make sure and have your kids join in on the fun of helping making the snowman. Or see our other Winter Crafts.

snowman soap on table
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Tools you need to make your We Wash Your a Merry Christmas Snowman

Soap and Snowman

How to make a Handsoap Snowman

  1. Take off label on the front of your hand soap.
  2. Measuring bottom of hand soap and cut ribbon to fit around the entire bottom of soap.
  3. Cut out an orange nose from felt
  4. If you are using black cardstock, you will need to use a hole puncher to cut out mini circles for the mouth.
  5. Using glue dots or Elmers glue, attach all items to the hand soap like the picture. If you are using glue, make sure and keep soap laying down until it dries.
  6. Print free Wash you a Merry Christmas printable, cut out and attached to handsoap snowman with ribbon.
soap containers on table
A group of different soap containers

I have included two different hand soap snowman printables. The first one says "We Wash You a Merry Christmas", and the other one says "Wash You a Merry Christmas". You can use whichever you prefer more.

The printable is in color, but it prints up nicely in black and white and you can use a red marker or gel pen to color the scarf. Here is your free We wash you a Merry Christmas Printable. Just click on the photo to save the image.

We wash you a Merry Christmas Free Printable


Wash you a Merry Christmas Printable


I think the most important thing to remember when making these adorable handsoap snowman, is to make sure and give them enough time to dry so the pompoms don't fall off. I personally prefer using glue dots. They hold better, but if you only have Elmer's glue, that works too.

Closeup of snowman soap

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snowman printable

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