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Healthier Pizza Options for Pizza Movie Night #YahooDIY

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Collage of various pizzas topped with a selection of vegetables and herbs, showcasing healthier pizza options.

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Every New Years Day I resolve to eat healthier. Sure that is easy enough, right? Man that is so far from being right. I really, really, really like food and sometimes eating healthy can be difficult for me. Saturday nights are one of the hardest for me when it comes to eating healthy. It has been a tradition in my family for a while now that every Saturday night we make homemade pizza and enjoy a movie as a family. I love this tradition. It is one that I really look forward to and one that my kids love. It is in these moments that I really bond with my kids and we create memories through laughing or crying over a movie. But lets be honest here, pizzas are not always healthy!! There is no way that I could keep my resolve of eating healthier if I ate unhealthy pizza every single Saturday! I was reading some Yahoo Articles and came across the most delicious article, Healthy Pizza Exists! If You DIY It! And I was inspired to find Healthier Pizza Options for Pizza Movie Night

Here are FOUR  Healthier Pizza Options for Pizza Movie Night:

A homemade BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza topped with cherry tomatoes, diced pineapple, red onions, and green bell peppers.

I love BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza. You can make your Pizza on a whole wheat Pita and your serving size is perfect and you can top it with all of your favorite toppings! I try to limit the amount of sauce that I add as well as adding less cheese. I find that adding all of my favorite veggies really makes a delicious pizza!

A plate featuring a healthier pizza option: barbecue chicken pizza garnished with cilantro and diced tomatoes, labeled as "skinny barbeque chicken pizza.

Did you know that you can bake your tortilla in the oven for a few minutes and it gets crispy? This makes a delicious base to a healthier pizza option. Replace your shredded cheese for 1 low fat laughing cow cheese triangle for a delicious meal.

A homemade pizza with various toppings displayed on a patterned background, obscured by a photobucket watermark and advertisement.

If you are looking for a pizza with thicker crust, it is okay to splurge once in a while! We love the Whole Wheat and Honey Pizza Dough which makes a delicious and slightly sweet crust! We substituted shredded cheese with thin sliced fresh mozzarella. Don't forget to top with all of your favorite veggies. One of my favorites? Corn! 

Grilled homemade mini pizzas with various healthier toppings on a barbecue grill.

Pizza on the grill has got to be just about what of the most delicious pizzas ever! Sometimes I think that everything cooked on the grill tastes better! Roll out your homemade whole wheat dough and top with your favorite healthy toppings! Making mini pizzas is a great way to control portion size while still getting all of the flavor!

One thing I learned from the Yahoo Article Healthy Pizza Exists! If You DIY It! is that portions are important and what you put on it is important. You can have a full of flavor pizza without making it unhealthy! Some of my favorite pizza toppings that add flavor but are healthy are cilantro, peppers, corn, and onions. What are your favorite healthy options?

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