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These Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles will keep your kids coming back for more!Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles

Okay, I admit it, these Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles are not your typical “waffle” and probably fits into the dessert category and not the breakfast category, but they are so good. Hey, you are welcome to eat them for breakfast if you want. I wont tell! They delicious Angel Food cake mixed with the sweet Homemade Coconut Syrup with keep you coming back for more.Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles

Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles

Store bought Angel Food Cake
Raspberries (or favorite fruit topping)
Powdered Sugar
Coconut Syrup

1. Preheat and spray Waffle Maker.
2. Cut Angel Food Cake into slices.
3. Add four slices spread in a circle in waffle maker and cook.
4. When finished, top with fruit, powdered sugar and Coconut Syrup.
5. Enjoy

Easy Angel Food Cake Waffles

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