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Last year, I told you all about the Nutcracker Event.  I shared with you our Q&A with “Dancing with the Stars” pros and “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” mentors Brandon ArmstrongAlan Bersten and Gleb Savchenko.  What I didn’t share with you at that time was that I had the chance to get a dance lesson FROM THESE PROS?!?!? Yes, You heard that right.  Brandon Armstrong, Alan Bersten and Gleb Savchenko taught me how to dance.  When I first learned about this on the itinerary, I was terrified.  If you know me, you know that I. DON’T. DANCE. I am the definition of uncoordinated and awkward.  But, what an amazing opportunity that I could not pass up.  So I put a smile on my face and was ready to learn. 

Taking a step back…. if you are unfamiliar with Dancing with the Stars:  


“The competition begins with an all-new cast of celebrities who will be paired up with the show’s pro dancers and brave the dance floor for the very first time. Each week these celebrities will leave their comfort zones and endure hours of grueling rehearsals to master new dance styles and technical choreography to perform a dance, which will be judged by a panel of renowned ballroom experts as well as voted upon by viewers. In the end, only one star will rise above the rest to be crowned champion and win the coveted Mirrorball trophy.”

Dancing with the Stars: A Dance lesson from the Stars

So this is how it worked,  when we first arrived we were each asked to put on a headband.  The headband ended up being the group that you were in to learn the dance.  We first received a dance lesson with all three guys and they were were split into three groups (by headbands) and we had smaller group lessons to help us perfect the dance. I was in Alan Bersten’s group. We had about 15 minutes where we went over the dance as a group so we could perfect it.  Each group added a little twist to make it their own and then we performed it for the entire group.  Everyone did such a good job.  I can’t even believe that I am saying this, but the dance lesson was SO MUCH FUN.  The guys were all VERY nice and made it comfortable and easy to learn.  I even felt like I knew what I was doing when we performed the dance! Here is our entire group:  

What a fun opportunity!  Not only didn’t I have the amazing opportunity to learn from these stars, by I stepped way out of my comfort zone and had a lot of fun.  Make sure and follow Pro Dance LA  and watch Dancing with the Stars live to learn more about the show and watch these talented pros in action.  You’ll also want to pick up the Nutcracker soundtrack because the music is beautiful.  ( You’ll hear the song,“Fall On Me”, we danced to in the video of our performance:



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