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A Great Teacher Like You is like a Pot of GOLD at the End of a Rainbow! #StaplesBTS

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STaplesBacktoschool This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #StaplesBTS


It is back to school time, already. Crazy, huh! Going back to school means packing lunches, shopping for school supplies, finding out your teacher and making a Back to School Teacher gift. When it comes to going back to school I used to always send my kids with flowers to give their teacher. That way their teacher knew that we appreciated them and were looking forward to a new school year. Although, talking with different teachers, I quickly came to learn that they appreciated any gift, but especially appreciate school supplies. When sharing our back to school gift idea on Instagram one teacher commented, "As a teacher I would be VERY thankful for Sharpies! :-)"  This year, we did all of our back to school shopping at Staples. While there, I stopped by to pick up a few packs of Sharpies. I was surprised to find this:


Rows and rows of Sharpies. Bright colors, bold colors, classic colors and more. Oh, how I love sharpies. I remember growing up when I would go back to school, I was always excited about a brand new box of crayons. Now, as an adult, I get excited about Sharpies. I could own one of each color and be perfectly happy! Who wouldn't, the possibilities are endless with Sharpies. You can draw on mugs, organize your calendar, correct homework assignments and so much more. Sharpies really are a great addition to a teacher gift. ( and of course I kept a whole colorful pack for myself, too!)


I have three school aged kids right now, so we had to make sure that we had plenty to go around! Luckily, Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine assortment packs and Sharpie Neon Marker packs are currently on sale at Staples through August 24th “while supplies last” so I was able to stock up. Because Sharpies come in so many fun colors, I got the idea to use a rainbow theme for their Back to School Teacher Gift.


This is a super easy Back to School Teacher Gift to make which is why I love it, because then my kids can join in on the fun! What you need for this gift:

Mason Jar
Sharpie's in Rainbow Colors
Pot of Gold Printable

1. Fill your jar 2/3's full with Rolo's
2. Make a bundle with your Sharpies and hold together with a ribbon
3. Place your sharpie bundle in your jar and surround with Rolo's to hold in place.
4. Print Free Printable in desired size, cut and attach with ribbon

If you wanted to use this Back to School Teacher Gift here is a free printable for you:


To make this gift, don't forget to stop by Staples this week. Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine assortment packs and Sharpie Neon Marker packs are currently on sale at Staples through August 24th “while supplies last”


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