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6 Must Haves for Mom and Baby

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display of must have items for baby
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Before having kids, I had the grand idea that I needed the best of the best of everything for baby. I needed fancy diaper bags, high tech swings, strollers, bouncy chairs, and more. I remember creating a list of things that really wasn't even realistic for my budget or the size of my house. It wasn't until after having my baby that I realized that many of these things were not necessities, but there are items that are more important to have. The first few months of bringing your baby home can be crazy and hectic so it is nice to be prepared. Prepared for baby, but also some extra fun to pamper mom. Believe me, mom deservers lots of pampering!! Here is my list of 6 Must Haves for Mom and Baby.


Seriously, Boudreaux's Butt Paste is a must must must have. I have this in my purse, in my diaper bag, in my bathroom and in the babies room. I love that Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is fast acting without the harsh ingredients. Just today, my baby woke up so sad and I quickly realized that diaper rash was to blame. Luckily, I had plenty on hand so I was able to protect her and help prevent further problems. As parents, we work so hard to help our kids be as healthy and happy as possible and we feel so sad when they aren't feeling good. This fast acting diaper rash cream is Pediatrician recommended and available in Original, Maximum Strength and All Natural so it can help with all your needs.

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I stocked up on Gerber® Onesies® brand one piece underwear before I had each of my babies because I knew that we would use these a lot. One warmer days or when my baby is swaddled, I always have them in their bodysuits. On a cooler day or in the winter months, I have a Gerber® Onesies® underneath their outfit to keep them warmer. White one piece underwear is convenient for layering but you can also find adorable solid colors or prints can be worn alone with leggings to create the perfect outfit. You can save on your purchase of Gerber® apparel with these money saving coupons.

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I worry about my baby a lot. It is hard not to worry about them. The moments that are the hardest for me are when my baby is asleep or when they are sick. Finding peace of mind as a parent is so important so you can rest well knowing that your baby is okay. This is why I really love the TempTraq® wearable Bluetooth® temperature monitor for when my kids are sick. These is a neat product because your baby can wear the monitor under their arm while they sleep and it connects to an app on your phone so you will be notified if your babies temperature gets too high. I love this product because it is easy to apply and remove from the underarm area, it is safe to use, and it senses, records and transmits temperature data so parents can know that their child is protected. You can also monitor the temperature of multiple kids if needed. This product is a must have for a parents peace of mind.

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Now lets think about mom for a little bit. Having a baby can be amazing and exhausting at the same time. It is so important to take care of mom so she has the energy and strength to take care of baby. The Rainbow Light Multivitamin is great because mom can take it before baby comes and after baby comes. If you are are 35+ plus mom like me it is extra important to make sure you are taking care of your nutrition and health with a product that helps soothe nausea, is gentle on the stomach and helps to promote healthy fetal development of brain, eyes and bones while also helping to promote healthy circulation, normal blood sugar levels, and soothe muscle discomfort in mom.

Use Rainbow Light discount code 'HappyBaby' for 20 percent savings on Rainbow Light Prenatals and ‘HappyFamily’ for 20% off multivitamins.

A bottle of hair care product

My hair is one of the most frustrating things for me about pregnancy. I have 5 kids now, and with each of my kids during my pregnancy and after they are born my hair thins. The illumai Biome Care System for Hair is a great product for pampering mom because it can help your hair become healthier, more manageable, moisturized and shiny so you can feel better about yourself when taking care of baby. This product has 7 gentle ingredients that helps to restore the critical elements of the biome providing mom with scalp protection and healthier, more beautiful hair. I have used this product for a few weeks now and I love that it is more voluminous and healthy. The there step process is perfect for everyday use.

This system is so perfect for new moms, I’ve arranged for 40% off either size for my readers. Just use promocode 44ASPARKLEOFGENIUS at checkout. Expires 10/15/2016.

Camera and Family

I love making new memories with my family. One fun way to capture your memories is with the FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70 camera. This is a fun camera because you can produce credit- card-size photos instantly. I love taking photos of my baby when she is wearing a cute outfit, smiling for the first time or snuggling a family member that she just met for the first time. These moments are fun to capture and we love being able to send grandma and grandpa home with an INSTAX photos with beautiful sharp images of their granddaughter.

craft with imageI am a crafter, so often when we are making new memories, I like to capture them with my camera so I can add them to my scrapbook or display them as a photo banner over our fireplace. We love looking at these scrapbooks as a family again and again so we can talk about the fun times that we have. We like to keep our INSTAX Mini 70 camera in the diaper bag with  INSTAX Mini Instant film, so we can take pictures when we are on the go. My teenager loves this camera because it has selfie mode so he can take selfies with his new baby sister. The INSTAX Mini 70 is available in Canary Yellow, Moon White, Island Blue, Passion Red, Midnight Black and Stardust Gold for $139.95. Mom will love being able to create these adorable INSTAX memories with baby.

 These 6 Must Haves for Mom and Baby are perfect for keeping baby healthy and happy and taking care of mom. Congrats on the new baby!!

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