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5 Reasons I love Parent's Choice Food Pouches

A plastic water bottle This post is sponsored by Walmart , Parents Choice and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

I am going to tell you a secret. Its kind of my secret weapon. You can call it a "mom hack" if you would like. This hack, or tip is a time-saving tip, a peace of mind tip, a money saving tip, a stay prepared tip and a heathy eating tip. I know what you are thinking, this is definitely too good to be true. Nothing can help in all of those areas. Right? But there is.A little girl holding a snack

First, though, before I get to that-- lets talk about something that we all need to talk about more. Life-- is crazy busy. And hard. And exhausting. And so many more feelings. I have five kids who have sports, homework, and other activities that keeps my life really busy. I NEED things that make my life easier. That is why I LOVE Parent's Choice Food Pouches. Seriously, they rock. They made my life easier. There-- I said it. You will always find them in my diaper bag because we all need a little big of convenience to help our day go smoother. So lets get back to the hack. Yep-- my go-to Paren't Choice Food pouches. Helps me with time-saving, peace of mind, money saving, staying prepared and heathy eating.

A little girl holding a snack

5 Reasons I love Parent's Choice Food Pouches

  1. Time-Saving- We are always on the go. From the moment I wake up til it is time for bed, I feel like we are moving. We are doing school assignments, making meals, doing chores or going to a sporting event. I know that I can just grab a pouch and my daughter gets a high quality meal that I don't have to feel stressed making. I don't always have the time. A little girl holding a pouch
  2. Peace of Mind-  This one may confuse you at first. How can a food pouch give someone a better Peace of Mind? I am a mom of teenagers. This is such a wonderful thing, because I can run errands and get things done, kid-free! Saves so much time going places by myself. But this is where my paranoid self also comes out. Feeding babies is something that makes me so nervous and I wouldn't want my baby to choke on finger foods when I am not home. My teenagers always give a food pouch for a meal because it is easy to eat but without big chunks.
  3. Money saving- With Parent's Choice you definitely get best quality at a fraction of the price. There is no way that I could buy all the ingredients to make this meal for my baby any cheaper. I love that it is a money saving option so I can put that extra money towards other things that are important. Like date night and chocolate. 🙂
  4. Staying Prepared- There is nothing worse than a baby tantrum in public. I remember times when my daughter was little and drank formula. She would get hungry and I realized that I didn't have a bottle with me or formula on hand. This always cut our errand short and was very stressful. I always keep extra food pouches in my diaper bag because it helps me to be prepared when mealtime comes around and errands aren't finished.Pouch and backpack

5. Heathy Eating-  I like the idea of Healthy eating. I really do. I try to eat healthy. I try to feed my kids food that is healthy, but most often we go for what is quick and easy. I introduced Parents Choice Food Pouches to my daughter when she was about 6 months old. She is my least picky kid. Out of 5 kids. I'm sure this is because she eats Sweet Potato, Kale, Broccoli, Carrots, Sweet peas, Brown Rice, Blueberries, etc. from her food pouches. She has experienced so many flavors that I would have never had the time to prepare for her. I think that is pretty awesome. A close up of a pouches

See-- I told you! Blow your mind-- amazing-- change the world "mom hack". 🙂  There have been many times that our squeezable meals have saved the day. You can head to your local Walmart to pick up Parent's Choice food pouches or visit them online to have them shipped to your door for free. Walmart Parent's Choice Food Pouch