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Two dogs improve our lives, standing in falling snow.

Did you know that Today is National Dog Day? I think this is a very important day to spoil our cute dogs and share with them how important they are in our family! We have two dogs that have been in our family longer than my kids. They are very important to us and help us to find more joy in our life.

A poster featuring a black dog with the text "27 ways that DOGS IMPROVE OUR LIVES".Did you know that according to the recent “Milo's Kitchen Dog Happy Survey” — a national survey of 3,000 U.S. dog parents by the popular Milo's Kitchen dog treat brand — our four-legged friends enrich our lives in surprising ways that we often don't fully appreciate:

They give us A BETTER LIFE.

* 86% of dog parents say their dog “comforts me immeasurably”
* 71% say their dog “reminds me to seek out more joy in life”
* 64% say their dog “makes me look forward to going home more than anything else”
* 63% say their dog “makes me much more patient and responsible”

As a result, it's no surprise that 73% of dog parents buy their dog a special gift (especially dog treats) at least once per month.

Graphic with text "27 ways that DOGS IMPROVE OUR LIVES" against a turquoise background with silhouettes of dogs.

The study also uncovered the definitive 27 ways that dogs make a major positive impact in our everyday lives:

1. Stress relief
2. Staying active and fit
3. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
4. Comforting us
5. Encouraging social interaction
6. Coping with depression
7. Teaching us about love
8. Health alert detection
9. Companionship
10. Allergy deterrent
11. Mood enhancement
12. Heat therapy
13. Improved dating possibilities
14. Study help
15. Bringing joy and happiness
16. Personal security
17. Family conflict resolution
18. Encouraging responsibility
19. Making us more patient
20. Reinforcing good habits and routines
21. Keeping us on schedule
22. Teaching parenting skills
23. Anti-bullying
24. Improving literacy
25. Self-esteem and pride
26. Immune system support
27. Personal assistance

For more details on each of these 27 ways please visit the following article: 27 WAYS THAT DOGS IMPROVE OUR LIVES.

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Sharing is caring!