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10 facts about Disney Tangled Before Ever After

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Here are 10 facts about Disney Tangled Before Ever After.Diagram

While in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to screen Disney Tangled Before Ever After and interview Executive Producer/Supervising Director Chris Sonnenburg and Supervising Producer Ben Balistreri. My kids and I loved Tangled and Tangled Ever After so I was really excited to learn more about the Disney Channel Original Movie and Disney Tangled the Series. I loved having the chance to screen the film and learn more about what we can expect with this series. Logo

The new Disney Tangled content will start with a Original Movie, "Tangled Before Ever After"  which timeline is set between the stories told in Walt Disney Animation Studios' acclaimed film "Tangled" and its short film "Tangled Ever After." The Disney Channel Original Movie "Tangled Before Ever After" makes its debut on FRIDAY, MARCH 10 (8:00 p.m., ET). Makes sure and watch the original movie because it will set the stage for Tangled the Series.


I am especially excited for “Tangled: The Series.” This will premier a few weeks after the Disney Channel Original movie. This visually vibrant animated adventure/comedy series follows Rapunzel as she acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona, and will premier on Friday, March 24 (7:30-8:00 p.m. EDT). You will not want to miss seeing her adventures and growth as a Princess. Plus, you can find out about her hair.....

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We had the opportunity to screen Tangled Before Ever After. I am so excited for my kids to watch it because it stayed true to the original movie and you get to enjoy more of the adventures of our favorite characters. Since this movie is in between the original movie and Tangled Ever After, you are able to see some questions answered and develop of characters and personalities that tie all the stories together. The film is fun, heartwarming, adventurous and introduces new characters that you will love. You don't want to miss this show!

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I loved having the opportunity to do this interview because I learned so much of what went in to the making of the shows and the story line. The interview was really fun and we had a chance to talk freely about decisions behind continuing the Tangled story. A group of people in a room

We learned so many fun facts about Tangled and am excited to share with you. Here are some of the things that we learned.

10 facts about Disney Tangled Before Ever After

  1. The director always wondered what happened in between the movie and short. This is where he got the idea to do an in-between story to answer these questions.

  2. In looking for ideas they turned to real life to add to the stories.

  3. Rapunzel's hair is bigger than life and represents her big personality.

  4. The queen is named after the Director's Daughter.

  5. There is a quote in the beginning of the movie that represents how we all have more in us that we can push through. There is more in everybody!

  6. They decided to use 2d because it represented how they felt Repunzel would tell the story. They added details like paint brush marks as if she were painting the story.

  7. There are two new songs in Tangled Before Ever After and you can expect more music in the series.

  8. The point of the music is to capture the heart of the characters.

  9. There will be 26 episodes per season and a lot of fun surprises. 

  10. In adding new characters in the story, they always though "Who does Repunzel need in her life."  A man standing in front of a group of people posing for the camera Tune in FRIDAY, MARCH 10 (8:00 p.m., ET) for Disney Tangled Before Ever After and on Friday, March 24 (7:30-8:00 p.m. EDT) for the series. Here is the first 5 minutes of Tangled Before Ever After:

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