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30 Unicorn Inspired Recipes and Crafts

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These 30 Unicorn Inspired Recipes and Crafts are perfect for a Unicorn party.

Craft and Unicorn

If you are planning the most magical Unicorn party then you'll have to check out this really fun unicorn party food recipes and crafts. These unicorn inspired food and crafts are fun for a first birthday party, teen party, or anyone who believes in a little magic in their lives. If you love Unicorns you'll love the fun variety of these bright colored unicorn treats for party. There is something about sparkles and unicorns that make me believe that anything is possible. Unicorns are definitely magical and are the perfect party theme. Here are 30 unicorn party food ideas and cool unicorn crafts for kids of all ages!

30 Unicorn Inspired Recipes and Crafts


A vase of flowers on a table

Unicorn Gift Bag Tutorial

Unicorn and Craft

Unicorn Photo Book

craft idea on a table

Bag of Unicorn Farts

close up of ice cream

Unicorn Smoothie

close up of bagels on table

Unicorn Bagels

A box filled with different types of food, with Party and Cookie

Unicorn Cookies

Text, calendar

Unicorn Planner Stickers

Text, letter

Wooden Unicorn Craft Stick


Unicorn Tote Bag

A cake made to look like a cup, with Unicorn and Salt

Unicorn Bath Salts

Cake and Dessert

Unicorn Bark

A small piece of food, with Unicorn and Cream

Unicorn Ice Cream

A close up of soap

Unicorn Soap

Unicorn and Craft

Unicorn Swirl Bark

A close up of a coffee cup, with Unicorn and Craft

DIY Unicorn Mug

Unicorn and Party

Unicorn Marshmallow Pops

Background pattern with treats

Unicorn Poop Cookies

A half eaten cookie

Unicorn Cinnamon Rolls

A close up of bath bombs

Unicorn Bath Bombs

A birthday cake

Unicorn Fudge

A decorated egg on a table

Unicorn Eggs

A close up of a cake

Unicorn Dessert Cups

Cookie and Cake

Unicorn Meringues

A bowl of food on a plate, with Cream and Marshmallow

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

A cake made to look like a unicorn horn

Edible Unicorn Horns

Unicorn and Cream

Unicorn ice Cream

Cream and Cake

Unicorn Poke Cake

Unicorn and Party

Unicorn Sugar Scrub

A close up of a pumpkin

Unicorn Pumpkin

A close up of an ornament

Unicorn Ornament


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Unicorn Inspired Recipes and Crafts

A cake on a table


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