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Post it Note Affirmations Printable

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Check out our Post it Note Affirmations Printable for a daily pick me up.


I get it. Sometimes your day can be really hard and you just need that little reminder that you are enough. Sometimes forcing yourself to  get out of bed seems really hard or even impossible. I know this may sound silly on days that you need this reminder, but affirmations can help. I started to read the book The Miracle Morning and in it they talk a lot about affirmations. A bedroom with a bed in a room

I was skeptical at first but I printed up some of my favorite affirmations on post it notes and placed them in the areas that I needed the reminders most. On my bed, bathroom window, by my computer and in my kitchen. Areas where I spent a lot of time and would see them. I found that whenever I was near the affirmation I would take the moment to read what it said and it gave me a boost of encouragement. Really, little boosts of encouragement and reminders of our worth can go along way. Here is a Post it Note Affirmations Printable with some reminders that YOU ARE pretty awesome!! Image and Paper

It is really easy to print on Post it Notes and fun to make reminders and Affirmations. All you need is post it notes (choose your favorite colors), paper and a printer. Note, you can use square or rectangular post it notes with this design. First, print out the Post it Notes Affirmation printable on a piece of white paper. (Only Love Today Free Printable)A close up of a piece of paper

This is an important step because then I can line of my post it notes exactly where I want them to be over the words. If not, your affirmations may not be centered on your Post it note. Next, put your sheet of paper in the printer. In my printer, the paper goes upside down with the top of the page being in the front. Print as you normally would and instead of printing on your paper, your printer will print on the post it notes! Easy as that!Text

Now that you have your Affirmation Post it notes, find a place in your home where you need them most. These can serve as a great reminder that YOU CAN. Whatever your goal is, YOU CAN. I believe in you and through reading your affirmations, you can learn to believe in you, too.

DOWNLOAD your Post it Note Affirmations Printable

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