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12 Amazing Gift Ideas for the Baker in Your Life

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Buying gifts for your friends and family who bake is the ultimate win-win. They get cool new tools and ingredients to experiment with, and you often reap the benefits because you get to try their delicious creations! Up ahead, we’ll talk about 12 great gift ideas when you’re shopping for a baker.

Family baking together in the kitchen.

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  1. Cake Decorating Tools

If there’s an aspiring cake boss in your life, a set of cake decorating tools will take them to their happy place. These tools include decorating essentials like hobby knives, embossing tools, tweezers and other hand tools that let cake decorators execute finely detailed decorations. You’ll be amazed at what a talented baker can come up with when you let them loose in the kitchen with a full set of these things! 

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  1. Stand Mixer

Got someone close to you in mind and don’t mind dropping a little dough on a great gift? (No pun intended.) Consider a stand mixer because it’s a game-changer for just about any baker. Why? The key is how a stand mixer allows bakers to focus more on the fun parts of baking, thanks to the mixer’s ability to complete important tasks like mixing dough all on its own, as well as how it mixes almost any kind of dough to an ideal consistency, thanks to a variety of built-in settings. 

  1. Bread Proofer

A bread proofer makes a stellar gift for those who are on that #breadlife. How does it work? Basically, it’s a box that provides the perfect temperature and humidity for your bread dough to help stimulate the activity of the yeast inside. Proofers are great for sensitive breads like sourdough, but they’re useful to anyone who wants to create better bread and get more consistent results from their proofing process. 

  1. Cookie Cutters

“Cookie cutter” is the farthest thing from an insult when your gifts are actually cookie cutters. They’re available in so many cool shapes that you’ll almost certainly be able to find something that your gift recipient doesn’t already have. And if you can’t, remember that numerous sites now offer tons of options for cookie cutters with custom shapes.

  1. Dog Treat Kit

Know a baker who’s also a dog lover? Dog treat baking kits give you everything you need to whip up your own dog treats in your kitchen, including recipes and cutters. (Make sure to grab one with healthy recipes and ingredients!) Special occasions can be even more amazing when they’re shared with our furry friends, and a dog treat kit is the perfect way for a baker to include four-legged family members. 

  1. Cake Pan Straps

These oven-safe fabric straps are a clutch tool for ensuring that cake batter bakes just right. They’re extremely easy to use. Just wet them before use and attach them snugly to the cake pan before baking. Their insulating properties help spread the heat evenly throughout the pan, which (as any cake expert will tell you) is an essential part of baking picture-perfect cakes. 

An older woman rolling dough while a younger woman looks on with a smile in a home kitchen.

Source: fizkes/Shutterstock

  1. Oven Mitts

A good pair of oven mitts is something no baker can do without, and thus they make a gift that any baker will appreciate! Silicone mitts are the gold standard choice for bakers today because they’re durable, easy to clean and offer great protection against heat. However, well-made cloth mitts can also be a great choice, and they tend to offer a bigger selection of design styles. If the person you’re buying for has small hands, remember to find a smaller sized pair of mitts! 

  1. Cake Testers

If you’re looking for a stocking-stuffer type gift for a baker, cake testers could be just the thing. The cake tester is an incredibly simple but versatile kitchen tool — a piece of sturdy wire with a small grip piece at the top. Inserting the tester into a cake helps the baker decide whether it needs more time in the oven. They’re not just for cakes, either. Cooks of all kinds use cake testers to test the texture of various foods like baked potatoes. 

  1. Vanilla Bean Pods

Real vanilla bean pods make an unforgettably delicious gift for those who love using natural ingredients. Vanilla beans have subtleties of flavor that vanilla extract just can’t match, so although vanilla pods are a little pricey, they’re well worth it if you want to give a gift that transcends the everyday. Madagascar vanilla is the trendy pick, but Tahitian vanilla, Mexican vanilla and other origins are all said to hold their own. 

  1. Measuring Cups

A reliable and elegant set of measuring cups is one of those little things that makes baking a joy. All kinds of cool measuring cups are available, in materials ranging from stainless steel to hammered bronze, so you can find something to match even the pickiest recipient’s taste in kitchenware. Make sure that you grab both liquid and solid measuring cups, as most bakers will need both types. 

  1. Butter Keeper

Butter keepers are a French invention (naturally) that keep butter fresh and moist at room temperature. Each two-piece device includes a small bowl that holds butter and a fitted top that holds a tiny bit of water to provide the crucial freshness. It’s a pretty simple device, but there’s a reason that most bakers who get one never go back! 

Woman smiling while taking a tray of freshly baked pastries out of the oven in a kitchen.

Source: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

  1. Rolling Pin

Finally, of course, we have the rolling pin, another must-have tool for basically any baker. This is one gift where you might want to try to feel out the recipient’s feelings about rolling pins. Some prefer the French-style straight pins, while others like the barrel rolling pins that have traditionally been more popular in the U.S. If you know that they like to bake things like puff pastries, you might also want to consider a stone rolling pin since these can be chilled to the perfect temperature for working delicate doughs. 

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