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Getting Around With Twins? Try the TwinRoo from Joovy!

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Woman with a TwinRoo double stroller containing two infants on a sunny suburban sidewalk.

Having twins is definitely more than a handful and getting them around can be quite a challenge. Finding a stroller that fits your budget and lifestyle (not to mention fits in the trunk) can be a tough thing to do. Often picking a stroller can be a personal preference but here are some factors to consider and reasons why the TwinRoo from Joovy is a great first option. The TwinRoo is Compact One of the first things that you notice when you take the TwinRoo out of its box is how compact it is. Because the stroller is designed to work with your car seat, it simply consists of a frame and a basket. This is great for parents that do not have a lot of space but still need something to get their twins around. It also maximizes your ability to use the things that your already have (e.g. your car seats). The TwinRoo is Easy to Assemble   The TwinRoo is Quick to Use   Whatever your stroller needs, it is definitely a great idea to consider the TwinRoo by Joovy to get things started when you first have twins.

Close-up of a TwinRoo stroller handle with the brand "joovy" printed on it.

The TwinRoo is Compact

One of the first things that you notice with the TwinRoo is how compact it is. Because it is designed to be used with your carseats, it consists of a durable frame with a basket underneath. This design is optimal for those parents that don't have a lot of space because it allows you to use something (carseats) that you are already going to get with something else (the TwinRoo).

A TwinRoo stroller with one baby car seat attached and a blanket draped over the other seat.

The TwinRoo is Easy to Assemble

I was incredibly impressed with how easy it was to assemble the TwinRoo. It basically consisted of unfolding the stroller and attaching the wheels. Depending on the type of carseat that you have, there are also adapters included to make sure that you can secure the seat to the stroller. Luckily, we have Chicco carseats that can lock in to place without having to use an adapter. The fact that this is so easy to assemble is a great asset, especially to parents of twins. Because we all know that with twins, there is no extra time at all.

TwinRoo double stroller with two infants sleeping under blankets, one in pink and one in blue.

The TwinRoo is Easy to Use

We loved how mobile and easy to use the TwinRoo stroller is. Everything quickly locks into place and off you go. This is helpful when you have a couple of fussy twins that need some fresh air (or a couple of overwhelmed parents that need the fresh air). Just lock in and off you go! You're going to love it... Just ask Michael, he did:

Baby resting in a TwinRoo car seat attached to a stroller, covered with a blue knitted blanket.

You can find more information about the Joovy TwinRoo on the Joovy Website.


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