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Elf Valentine: Be my 'elf'entine!

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Valentine's Day is coming up, and I've got something really fun to show you. It's my new set of Elf Valentine cards! These little elves are ready to help us share some kindness and friendship on this sweet day.

With their big eyes and cute hats, they're holding 'BE MINE' hearts and they can't wait to be part of your Valentine's Day. Whether you're giving them to your best friend or someone in your family, these elves are here to make everyone smile.

Let's get ready to spread some love around with these elf-tastic Valentine's cards!"

Printable Elf Valentine cards featuring four illustrations of cute elves with 'BE MINE' messages, set against pink heart backgrounds with the text 'Be my elfentine!' and 'FREE VALENTINE' at the bottom.

What You Need:

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  1. Computer or Smartphone: To download the card designs.
  2. Color Printer: For printing the cards.
  3. Paper: Preferably cardstock for durability.
  4. Scissors: To cut out the cards.
  5. Pen or Marker: For writing personal messages on the cards.
  6. Envelopes (optional): If you're planning to mail the cards or give them out.

That's it! Simple tools for creating and sharing your magical Elf Valentine cards.

Easy Steps to Your Printable Elf Valentine Cards

  1. Click on the Elf Valentine image.
  2. Save the image to your phone or computer.
  3. Print the cards whenever you're ready to share the love!
Four valentine cards with a cartoonish male and female elf in red and white costumes, each holding a 'BE MINE' heart. The background features a pink heart with the playful phrase 'Be my elfentine!' written below.
Printable image with 4 valentine cards
Printable Elf Valentine cards 

In wrapping up, these Elf Valentine cards are a whimsical way to share the spirit of Valentine's Day with those around you. Easy to save and print, they're a heartwarming token of affection for anyone you care about. So as we celebrate love in all its forms, let these little elves help you spread happiness and smiles. Remember, a simple click is all it takes to bring a touch of enchantment to your Valentine's Day.

Printable Elf Valentine cards featuring four illustrations of cute elves

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pin images for Printable Elf Valentine cards featuring four illustrations of cute elves

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