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Decadent Chocolate Perfect Size for 1 S'mores Cake

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End your day right with this Decadent Chocolate Perfect Size for 1 S'mores Cake.

A piece of cake in a mug

Congrats Mom!! Another great day with the kids. You may have cleaned the house, gone to the library, watched a baseball game, or read a good book to your kids. Now that summer vacation is here, my days seemed to be packed with more adventures, more laundry and lots of fun. Lets be honest, though. When the day is over, I am exhausted! This is the time that I like to lay back, kick up my feet and reward myself for a day well done. This Decadent Chocolate Perfect Size for 1 S'mores Cake is the perfect choice because it is simply delicious, fast and easy to make and is freshly baked without heating up my oven! (Which means less clean up for mom!)

A cup of coffee, with Duncan Hines and Ice

Every parent deserves a warm treat at the end of the day because we spend so much of our time raising our cute little kids. My evenings are MY time where I enjoy to relax. Let me tell you 5 reasons why I love Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Cakes and why they make an ideal snack.

  1. Easy Clean up-  ding, ding, ding! This one is a real winner, here! No different sized mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons, cake pans, etc to clean up! I love that I can easily enjoy a delicious treat without a messy clean up.
  2. I don't over eat! Okay, we have ALL been there. You are CRAVING chocolate so you make a pan of something delicious, and before you know it, you have eaten half the pan and you no longer feel good. I love the Perfect Size for 1 packets so I satisfy my craving with the size that is perfect for me.
  3. FAST! Set your timer and wait 50 minutes??? Nope, not with this treat. When I want a warm delicious treat, I don't want to wait for it. How about a decadently delicious treat ready in about a minute? Yes, please.
  4. Lots of variety! Okay, so maybe you don't want the same ol' chocolate mug of deliciousness every day. (I probably would. Especially when I can customize it with my favorite toppings) If you are looking for a little variety, Duncan Hines has 18 varieties like brownie, carrot cake, Vanilla Bean Cake, blueberry muffin, Cookies and Cream and more!! See all the varieties.
  5. Customizable- Guess what! You can add toppings to your mix to make it a completely different experience! I customized my chocolate cake and made it a s'mores cake! You could add mini chocolate chips, caramel, or top with whipped cream! How will you eat yours?


A cup of coffee on a table, with Ice

Decadent Chocolate Perfect Size for 1 S'mores Cake

Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Individual pouch
3 T water
1 marshmallow
1 T graham cracker
2 pieces of chocolate

1. Mix 1 individual pouch of Duncan Hines Perfect for 1 Chocolate Lovers Cake mix into mug.
2. Add 3 T. of water a mix.
3. Add 1 T. graham cracker over mix.
4. Top with 1 marshmallow.
5. Follow cooking directions on package.
6. Poke chocolate into marshmallow so it can start to melt.
7. Enjoy!!!

A piece of cake and ice cream on a plate, with Chocolate and S'more

Enjoy! You earned it!

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