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7 reasons you will love Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline posing for the camera

Today is the day! Disney's Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now and I am so excited to finally be able to take my kids. I love when Disney remakes their movies with live action and I was so excited for Beauty and the Beast. This movie is absolutely stunning and perfectly made. Everything from the actors, music, costume to the story is powerful and filled with so many life lessons. Here are 7 reasons you will love Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

7 reasons you will love Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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1. Family

One of the relationships and stories that really touched me the most in the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie is the relationship between Belle and her Father. I absolutely love how they portrayed him in this movie and their relationship, story and family was so important to both of them. The importance of family is so strong between Belle and her Father. This bond and relationship strengthened their characters in their times of need. The sacrifice they they make as family and the love that they share for each other is beautiful. I love that family is at the core of the movie.

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2. Magic

Who doesn't love a little magic! It is so much fun to watch the magic of this movie. The Be Our Guest scene is always one of my favorites in Beauty and the Beast and they do such a fantastic job and making it fun to watch and magical! Each of the characters in the castle bring out an added magical element of fun to the story. They did such a great job in designing these different characters.

Disney and Costume3. Costumes

The Costumes in Disney's Beauty and the Beast are stunning. It is amazing to see the attention and detail that went in to the making of each individual costume. In our interview with Audra McDonald she talked about how her costume patterned the look of the wardrobe. Even their makeup matched the design of their object. I loved that they stayed true to the costumes in the animated Beauty and the Beast while taken the freedom to add the details and look to make it just right.

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4. Music

Alan Menken is one of the musical greats in this world and the way he can bring music to life is amazing. The music of Beauty and the Beast transports you into their world. It is beautiful, fun and tells a beautiful story. I loved being able to hear all of my favorite classics from the original movie but also enjoy the addition of new songs to the movie. There is a song that her dad sings in the movie that is perfection. Music is such an important part of a movie and the music of Beauty and the Beast is some of my favorite.

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5. Adventure

Everyone loves a little adventure! Disney's Beauty and the Beast is filled with all kinds of adventure. It keeps you excited, on your toes and ready to see what happens next. Its funny, because having seen the animated movie, we already know what happens next but they do such an amazing job that you are still so entranced in every aspect of the story. The role of Gaston is perfectly played in this movie and Luke Evans makes the perfect Gaston. He does a great job at bring a fun level of adventure to this movie.

text6. Fearless

I found Fearless as being a big theme in this movie. The character of Belle embodies this theme perfectly. The word fearless is defined as brave, courageous, valiant, lionhearted and heroic. What a strong and perfect word for Belle. Fearless.

Beauty and the Beast

7. Love

There are different beautiful love stories in the live version of Beauty and the Beast that really make the story exceptional. Director Bill Condon talks about how in making this movie, his vision was to reveal more and not re-invent. I loved how he revealed more to the individual love stories in Beauty and the Beast. You will love the message of love in this movie and how we get a deeper look into the relationships of different characters in the story.

Beauty and the Beast is such an amazing movie and perfect for boys and girls, young and old! It truly is the perfect film for the whole family. Enjoy these "Something There" clip from the movie:

YouTube video

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now!

Here are some really fun must have Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas:

Beauty and the Beast

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Disney and Belle

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now!

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