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3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids

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A guide in a scout-like uniform holding a "3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids" pamphlet and gesturing while speaking, with colorful umbrellas and a map in the background

I am so excited to tell you about the Wilderness Explorer Program and Disney's Animal Kingdom. While at the Monkey Kingdom Event, we had the opportunity to spend a few hours trying the program out. I had the opportunity to watch Disneynature Monkey Kingdom last week and learning all about the monkeys, made me excited to learn all about the different animals at Animal Kingdom. Monkey Kingdom is in theaters now and would be a great way to celebrate earth day with the family!
Map of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park: 3 Easy Steps to Exploring with Kids

I'm sure that you love the movie Up as much as I do. Russell is such a fun character and with the Wilderness Explorer program your kids will have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps as your earn badges around the park. The first badge that you earn is the Wilderness Explore Call Badge where you learn the Wilderness call that Russell does.

Animated child character in a scout uniform making a heart shape with his hands, illustrating 3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids.There are 31 total badges that your child will have the opportunity to earn. This program is really fun because they have the opportunity to learn, earn badges and see new things while they are on their way to a ride or a show. You can enjoy the Wilderness Explorer program by following these 3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids.

Three images showing colorful, themed signs in an outdoor setting, possibly within a park or recreational area, illustrate "3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids.

Step 1. After receiving your book you will find the map shown above inside your book which helps you know where the location is of each badge. You will also find signs around that park that point your kids in the right direction. They are bright and easy to follow to each badge. 
A collage showcasing various elements of the 3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids program, including a veterinary badge, wilderness explorer card, a "habitat badge" sheet, hands workingStep 2. Follow the Instructions on your page. Each page tells you exactly what you need to accomplish before you can get your badge. This is a really fun and interactive way for kids to learn and have fun while enjoying animal kingdom. They will have the opportunity to earn badges like the Flamingo Badge, Animal Find Badge. Conservation Badge, Hand Washing Badge, Tiger Badge and more. I learned so much from talking to the guides and completely the requirements.

A smiling person holding up an award certificate outdoors at Disney Animal Kingdom.Note: You may not have time to complete all of the badges. You can definitely bring your book with you each time that you come. I recommend making sure that you make sure and earn the Culture Badges. There is a Culture badge for Asia and Africa. This was my favorite Badge to earn. The guides for the Cultural Badge come from different places from around the world. It is fun to learn about their culture and country. Our Asia guide wrote my name in my book in Hindi. I thought that was really fun. My kids would have loved to have met her. 
Uniformed zoo educator engaging with visitors during an interactive presentation on 3 Easy Steps to Exploring Disney Animal Kingdom with Kids.

Step 3. Look for the troop Leader or guide. They will have a uniform on or a badge Satchel with the photo of the badge you are earning. When you show them that you completed the requirement, you will earn your badge for that page!

Wilderness explorer motto emphasizing inclusivity and friendship with nature, illustrated with an emblem of a tree and the letters 'w e' in 3 Easy Steps.Your kids will LOVE the Wilderness Explorer program and mom and dad will love seeing their kids so excited to learn. This program is FREE to use and a really fun way to help your kid get the most out of their Animal Kingdom Experience.

Three monkeys perching on a tree branch during an interview with Dr. M. Sanjayan, with the one in the foreground looking directly at the camera.

I participated in the Wilderness Explorer Program as Part of the Monkey Kingdom Event. All opinions are my own. Disneynature Monkey Kingdom is in theaters now. Tomorrow is Earth day and seeing this movie as a family is a great way to learn about the world they live in and help save the monkeys!

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