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after school snack

These blueberry donuts are soft and full of blueberry bursts. Perfect as a light breakfast or indulgent snack. I know that you are thinking, blueberry donuts? But blueberries are not in season! And you know what? You are totally right! They are not in season, but want to know something?Read More →

Puff and Cheese Bites

Puff and cheese bites not only make a great appetizer, but they are also incredibly easy to cook! I’m going to be completely honest with you, when it comes to appetizers, I prefer things that are simple, as in simple to cook, simple to eat and simple to serve becauseRead More →

Almond Honey Pie

If you love pies that pack a punch of flavor, then this Almond Honey Pie is just for you. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I have a total obsession with flavorful food. Sure I love dishes like pasta just like the next gal, but when it comesRead More →

  My kids start school next week.  Seriously, where did summer go?  I’m really not ready for school to start.  We will be spending this weekend finishing up on back to school shopping.  My kids love going to school, but one thing I always know is that I have toRead More →

We love Frigo Cheese Heads® String Cheese and my kids always pack one or two in their lunch.  I love them because they are high in calcium and a good source of protein and my kids love them because they taste great. We received samples from Frigo® to review.  All opinions areRead More →

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