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Printable list of all Hallmark Christmas Movies 2023

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It's that time of year again where the cozy, comforting glow of the TV screen brings the magical world of Hallmark Christmas movies into our homes. As a tradition for many, these films bring the joy and warmth of the holiday season in a cup of feel-good, easy watching. This year, Hallmark has got an exciting lineup of Christmas movies that are sure to sparkle your holiday spirits. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, and let’s dive into the festive world of Hallmark Christmas movies 2023. Don't forget your printable list of all hallmark christmas movies.

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The Charm of Hallmark Movies

There's something undeniably special about Hallmark Christmas movies that keeps viewers returning year after year. The plots, often set in snow-covered towns, tell tales of love, family, and the joy of the holiday season. Whether it's an old-fashioned romance, a story of redemption, or a family reconnecting after years apart, Hallmark has perfected the formula for delivering Christmas cheer directly to our screens.

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For many, tuning in to these movies has become as much a part of their holiday traditions as decorating the tree or baking cookies. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up in your favorite blanket, and let Hallmark take you on a heartwarming journey this Christmas season.

Printable list of all Hallmark Christmas movies

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Your Ultimate Hallmark Christmas Movie Checklist

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with our handy digital download listing all of Hallmark's festive films. To make your holiday viewing a breeze, just click on the image, save to your device, and print whenever you're ready. Print your free list today and ensure your Christmas season is filled with cinematic cheer!

Countdown to Christmas

Hallmark is back to brighten our screens and hearts this festive season! From snowy New York tales to enchanting Christmas Eve mysteries, we present our curated list of 31 holiday films. Grab your cozy blanket and hot cocoa; the ultimate Hallmark Christmas movie marathon awaits! Click on the image to download your printable list of all hallmark christmas movies.

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List of Upcoming Holiday Films

Friday, October 20
Title: Checkin' It Twice
Stars: Kim Matula, Kevin McGarry
Logline: A journeyman hockey player (McGarry) falls for a real estate agent (Matula) in a career crisis when he's traded to her hometown and moves into the cottage in her hockey-loving family's backyard.

Saturday, October 21
Title: Where Are You, Christmas?
Stars: Lyndsy Fonseca, Michael Rady, Jim O'Heir, Julie Warner
Logline: When Addy (Fonseca) wishes for a year without Christmas, she wakes up in a world of black and white. She must work together with the town mechanic (Rady) to restore Christmas.

Sunday, October 22
Title: Under the Christmas Sky
Stars: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Ryan Paevey
Logline: Kat (Kennedy) is an esteemed astrophysicist, who is scheduled for her first trip into space next year until an accident grounds her. While on leave, coming to terms with the reality that her dream of being an astronaut is over, she volunteers at the local planetarium. There, she is paired up with by-the-book David (Paevey) to work on an exhibit opening right before Christmas.
Why We're Excited: It's tough to predict what may become breakout holiday films when there's dozens to parse through. However, we're circling this one because it gives voice to differently-abled young actor, Emmy Richardson, who plays a character in a wheelchair.

Friday, October 27
Title: Christmas by Design
Stars: Rebecca Dalton, Jonathan Keltz
Logline: A fashion designer (Dalton) gets accepted into a Christmas challenge to create a new holiday-themed collection and not only finds the inspiration for her next line but decides to redesign her approach to what's most important in life.

Saturday, October 28
Title: Mystic Christmas
Stars: Jessy Schram, Chandler Massey, Patti Murin, William R. Moses
Logline: Juniper (Schram) travels to Mystic, Connecticut during the holidays to work at the rehabilitation center and aquarium. She reconnects with Sawyer (Massey), the owner of the pizza shop.

Sunday, October 29
Title: Joyeux Noel
Stars: Jaicy Elliot, Brant Daugherty
Logline: When a romantic painting of a Christmas market captures the imagination of copy editor Lea (Elliot), she is sent to France with pragmatic reporter Mark (Daugherty) to uncover the mystery behind the artist.

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Friday, November 3
Title: Flipping for Christmas
Stars: Ashley Newbrough, Marcus Rosner
Logline: It's almost Christmas when busy realtor Abigail (Newbrough) agrees to help her sister with the "simple flip" of a recently inherited home. Unfortunately, co-beneficiary Bo (Rosner) has other plans in mind.

Saturday, November 4
Title: Never Been Chris'd
Stars: Janel Parrish, Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, Tyler Hynes
Logline: Home for the holidays, BFFs Naomi (Parrish) and Liz (Lamothe-Kipnes) reconnect with high school crush Chris Silver (Hynes). A complex love triangle forms, forcing them to take stock of their lives and find the value of friendship.

Sunday, November 5
Title: The Santa Summit
Stars: Hunter King, Benjamin Hollingsworth
Logline: At the Santa Summit, Jordin (King) briefly bonds with Liam (Hollingsworth) but loses him amidst a sea of Santas, while her friends Ava and Stella embark on their own festive adventures.

Friday, November 10
Title: Everything Christmas
Stars: Katherine Barrell, Cindy Busby, Corey Sevier, Matt Wells
Logline: Lori Jo (Busby) and her friend Tori (Barrell) embark on a road trip to celebrate Christmas traditions in Yuletide Springs, meeting friends Carl (Sevier) and Jason (Wells) along the way.

Saturday, November 11
Title: Christmas Island
Stars: Rachel Skarsten, Andrew Walker
Logline: A snowstorm diverts Kate's (Skarsten) flight to Christmas Island, where she collaborates with an air traffic controller (Walker) to secure her dream job.

Sunday, November 12
Title: A Heidelberg Holiday
Stars: Ginna Claire Mason, Frédéric Brossier
Logline: Heidi (Mason) sells her handmade ornaments at Heidelberg's Christmas Market in Germany, meeting and connecting with local artisan Lukas (Brossier).

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Friday, November 17
Title: Navigating Christmas
Stars: Chelsea Hobbs, Stephen Huszar
Logline: Melanie (Hobbs) and her son visit an island for Christmas and find themselves operating a lighthouse, connecting with its reserved owner (Huszar).

Saturday, November 18
Title: A Merry Scottish Christmas
Stars: Lacey Chabert, Scott Wolf
Logline: Estranged siblings, Lindsay (Chabert) and Brad (Wolf) Morgan, travel to Scotland to reunite with their mother Jo, uncovering a significant family secret.

Sunday, November 19
Title: Holiday Hotline
Stars: Emily Tennant, Niall Matter
Logline: Abby (Tennant) connects with an anonymous hotline caller "John" (Matter), who she unknowingly falls for in person.

Thursday, November 23
Title: Catch Me If You Claus
Stars: Italia Ricci, Luke Macfarlane
Logline: Aspiring anchor Avery (Ricci) encounters Chris (Macfarlane), claiming to be Santa's son, leading to a night of unexpected adventures.

Friday, November 24 (6pm ET/PT)
Title: Letters to Santa
Stars: Katie Leclerc, Rafael de la Fuente
Logline: With a magical pen, children wish for their separated parents (Leclerc, de la Fuente) to reunite during Christmas.

Friday, November 24
Title: Holiday Road
Stars: Sara Canning, Warren Christie, and ensemble
Logline: Stranded travelers embark on a shared road trip to Denver, experiencing misadventures and forming unexpected bonds. Inspired by true events.

Saturday, November 25 (6pm ET/PT)
Title: Christmas in Notting Hill
Stars: Sarah Ramos, William Moseley
Logline: Soccer star Graham Savoy (Moseley) finds love during Christmas in Notting Hill when he meets the unsuspecting American, Georgia (Ramos).

Saturday, November 25
Title: Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up
Stars: Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, and ensemble
Logline: Emily and Jared look forward to celebrating Christmas together, but a house sale on Evergreen Lane introduces them to holiday royalty, stirring competition and festive spirit.

Sunday, November 26 (6pm ET/PT)
Title: Our Christmas Mural
Stars: Alex Paxton-Beesley, Dan Jeannotte
Logline: Single mom Olivia returns home, wins a mural contest, and collaborates with teacher Will for a Christmas masterpiece.

Sunday, November 26
Title: A Biltmore Christmas
Stars: Bethany Joy Lenz, Kristoffer Polaha, and more
Logline: Screenwriter Lucy travels in time to the 1947 set of His Merry Wife! at Biltmore House, leading to unforeseen consequences and a bond with film star Jack Huston.

Friday, December 1
Title: My Norwegian Holiday
Stars: Rhiannon Fish, David Elsendoorn
Logline: JJ joins Norwegian Henrik on a journey to Bergen to discover a troll figurine's history, leading to festive traditions and rediscovery.

Saturday, December 2
Title: A Not So Royal Christmas
Stars: Brooke D'Orsay, Will Kemp
Logline: Journalist Charlotte seeks an interview with a reclusive Count, only to encounter a decoy posing in his place.

Sunday, December 3
Title: Christmas with a Kiss (working title)
Stars: Mishael Morgan, Ronnie Rowe Jr., Jaime M. Callica
Logline: Returning home for a family Christmas Carnival, romance blossoms when a woman encounters a photojournalist curating a surprise reunion.

Friday, December 8
Title: Magic in Mistletoe
Stars: Lyndie Greenwood, Paul Campbell
Logline: Bitter author Harrington returns to his hometown for a Christmas festival, but publicist April aims to mend his tarnished reputation and help him embrace the holiday spirit.

Saturday, December 9
Christmas on Cherry Lane
Stars: Catherine Bell, Jonathan Bennett, John Brotherton, Erin Cahill, James Denton, Vincent Rodriguez III
Logline: As various couples navigate significant turning points in their lives, they come together to celebrate the holiday season in heartfelt ways.

Sunday, December 10
Round and Round
Stars: Vic Michaelis, Bryan Greenberg, Rick Hoffman
Logline: Trapped in a time loop, Rachel relives her parents' Hanukkah party over and over, with Zach attempting to help her break free.

Friday, December 15
The Secret Gift of Christmas 
Stars: Meghan Ory, Christopher Russell
Logline: Personal shopper Bonnie assists widower Patrick in reconnecting with his daughter during the festive season, leading to unexpected bonds.

Saturday, December 16
Sealed With a List
Stars: Katie Findlay, Evan Roderick
Logline: Carley embarks on a quest to achieve last year's resolutions, finding love and determination along the way.

Sunday, December 17
Friends & Family Christmas
Stars: Humberly Gonzalez, Ali Liebert
Logline: Daniella and Amelia agree to a holiday fake relationship, but as they immerse in each other's lives, deeper connections form.

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Tips for Enjoying Hallmark Christmas Movies to the Fullest

  1. Create a Cozy Atmosphere: Set the perfect scene for your movie-watching. Light some scented candles that remind you of Christmas, like cinnamon or pine. Snuggle under a plush blanket, and make sure you're wearing your most comfortable pajamas or loungewear.
  2. Indulge in Festive Snacks: Prepare your favorite holiday treats. Whether it's cookies, popcorn, or candy canes, have them ready at your side. Don't forget to make a rich and creamy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows to sip on!
  3. Warmth by the Fireplace: If you have a fireplace, light it up! The soft glow and warmth of the fire will make your movie-watching experience even more magical. If you don’t have one, there are plenty of virtual fireplace videos available online.
  4. Movie Marathon: Make the most of your time by planning a Hallmark movie marathon weekend. Create a list, mixing classics with new releases. This way, you get a dose of nostalgia while also enjoying the latest heartwarming tales.
  5. Engage in Discussions: After each movie, share your thoughts and feelings about the plot, characters, and more. Engage in discussions with friends or family watching with you. If you're alone, join online forums or social media groups dedicated to Hallmark movie enthusiasts to share your insights and read others'.
  6. Find Your Movie Buddy: Everything is better with company. Find a friend or family member who loves Hallmark Christmas movies as much as you do. Watching together, either in person or virtually, can amplify the joy and shared memories.
  7. Set the Mood with Background Music: Play some soft Christmas carols or instrumental holiday music in the background at a low volume. This can enhance the festive atmosphere, especially during movie breaks.
  8. Relive the Moments: After the season ends, keep the holiday spirit alive by re-watching your favorite scenes or movies. Or better yet, make it a tradition to watch a few favorite Hallmark movies throughout the year.

Remember, the primary purpose of these movies is to spread joy, warmth, and a sense of togetherness. So, gather around, relax, and let the heartwarming stories fill you with the spirit of Christmas!

History of Hallmark Christmas Movies

If there's something that gets me as excited as the first snowfall of the season, it's the launch of Hallmark's Christmas movie lineup. Imagine my delight knowing that the channel that's given us countless moments of joy with their heartwarming greeting cards also hits the right festive notes with their movies. Over the years, these movies have turned into more than just evening entertainment – they've become a holiday tradition!

Popular Themes in Hallmark Movies

There's a certain magic in how Hallmark captures the essence of Christmas. Whether it's a bustling city girl finding love in a snow-clad town, reigniting past romances amidst carol singing, or a Grinchy heart finding its festive spirit again – Hallmark's got it all. Each film is a little gift wrapped in love, family values, and the warm embrace of community, truly echoing what Christmas stands for.

Standout Hallmark Christmas Movies

Oh, where do I begin? From "The Christmas Card" that made me stock up on tissues to "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" which has become my personal holiday staple, some Hallmark movies are just pure gold. Their charm isn't just about the stories they tell but how they make us feel – like sipping a hot cocoa by the fireplace.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

Behind every snowy scene and twinkling Christmas light in these movies, there's an army of magicians (read: cast and crew) working tirelessly. Believe it or not, some of these winter paradises are filmed during summer! The sheer determination to create a winter wonderland regardless of the season is a Christmas miracle in itself.

Hallmark Movie Actors and Actresses

We all have our Hallmark favorites, don't we? Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, and the dashing Andrew Walker, to name a few. Every time they grace our screens, it's like reuniting with old friends during the holidays. Their familiar faces and heartwarming portrayals add that extra sprinkle of joy to our movie-watching experience.

Cultural Impact of Hallmark Christmas Movies

It's not just about the movies, it's about the memories they help create. From viewing parties in matching PJs to fan merchandise that celebrates our love for these films, Hallmark has truly created a Christmas culture. Their stories are not just seen but felt, making every premiere an event to look forward to.

Comparative Analysis

While other channels have tried to match the Hallmark charm, there's just something about their movies that sets them apart. It's like choosing between a store-bought cookie and grandma's secret recipe; one clearly has that special ingredient of love and nostalgia.

Personal Insights about Hallmark Movies

Whenever I snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa and tune into a Hallmark Christmas movie, it's more than just a visual treat; it's a journey of introspection. Over the years, these movies have offered me life lessons wrapped in festive cheer. They've taught me about the importance of family, the magic of second chances, and the joy of simple, heartfelt gestures. On nights when the winter chill seemed too much, these movies have been my warm blanket, reminding me of the essence of the holidays - love, hope, and togetherness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch Hallmark Christmas movies? Hallmark Christmas movies are readily accessible for festive enthusiasts. You can stream them on the Hallmark Channel or through the Hallmark Movies Now app. If you prefer a purchase option, many of these films are available on Amazon Prime. Traditional TV watchers can also catch them via cable and satellite providers during the holiday season.

When do Hallmark Christmas movies start airing? Every year, the magic of Hallmark's Christmas movies graces our screens starting from October, adding sparkle to our festive countdown. This cinematic joy continues through December, ensuring a wholesome, heartwarming experience throughout the holiday season.

What are some other channels or platforms to watch Christmas movies? Apart from Hallmark's cozy movie offerings, there's a sleigh-full of Christmas films to unwrap on other platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and Lifetime, to name a few, are brimming with holiday tales, ranging from classic romances to modern-day Christmas adventures.

Are there any apps to keep track of the Hallmark Christmas movie schedule? Certainly! The Hallmark Movie Checklist App is your go-to digital helper for the festive season. Not only does it provide an updated list of the movie schedules, but it also allows you to set reminders so you won't miss a single sprinkle of Christmas magic from Hallmark.

How can I find the list of all Hallmark Christmas movies? Finding your next Christmas movie indulgence is just a click away! To get our comprehensive list of all Hallmark Christmas movies, simply click on any of the displayed photos. You can then download our free printable for your convenience and festive planning.

Click on either printable list of all hallmark Christmas movies below to get the free download.

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Conclusion: printable list of all hallmark christmas movies

As the snow starts to fall and the countdown to Christmas Eve begins, Hallmark once again lights up our screens, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit with its fresh lineup of new Christmas movies. Dive into enchanting tales of best friends reuniting, like Lucy Hardgrove and Mary Ann Brubeck, or follow the intriguing life of a college professor whose Christmas season takes an unexpected turn. Join young Jordin on her magical encounter with Santa Claus and witness the heartwarming journey of widowed mother Mary Louise as she navigates the season with her young daughter.

Get ready to be whisked away to a remote island where a real working lighthouse holds secrets, or immerse yourself in the royal ambiance with tales of young couples and their Christmas exchanges with majestic royal families. Whether it's the nostalgic charm of a classic Christmas story, the commercial success of a New York set love tale, or the simple joy of a single dad rediscovering holiday cheer, Hallmark promises to transport us to the heart of the season.

So, cozy up, gather your Hallmark checklist, perhaps even a free printable one, and let's embark on this festive journey, because with Hallmark, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Hallmark Christmas movies have become a staple in holiday traditions. They bring joy, nostalgia, and the essence of Christmas to our screens. This year’s lineup is a blend of magical, heartwarming, and humorous tales that are bound to add a sprinkle of joy to your holiday season. Print up your printable list of all hallmark Christmas movies and enjoy the season!

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