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Pizza seasoning recipe: Easy to make homemade blend

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Everyone has that one dish that they cherish above all others. For me? It's pizza. But not just any pizza. It's the kind that has a magical blend of spices that takes you on a culinary journey with each bite. Today, dear readers, I’m going to share my secret weapon that makes all the difference: my homemade pizza seasoning recipe. Let's dive right in and take your pizza night to the next level!

pizza seasoning for recipe

The All-Star Pizza Seasoning Recipe

This pizza seasoning blend is a savory concoction that brings together traditional Italian herbs with a hint of spiciness. Just the right seasoning can elevate your pizza sauce, pizza crust, or even pasta sauces. And good thing? It's all in this small bowl of magic!


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  • 4 Teaspoons Dried Oregano
  • 2 Teaspoons Dried Basil
  • 1 Teaspoon Dried Minced Onion (Onion flakes are such an upgrade!)
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder (because what's Italian cooking without garlic?)
  • 1 Teaspoon Dried Thyme
  • 1 Teaspoon Dried Fennel (Fennel seed truly is the secret ingredient here)
  • 1 Teaspoon Paprika
  • 1 Teaspoon Crushed Red Peppers
seasonings in bowls


  1. In a small bowl, combine all these glorious ingredients.
  2. Mix until they’re well combined, spreading their flavors together.
  3. Transfer the perfect pizza seasoning blend into an airtight container or spice jar.
  4. Store this spice bottle in a dry place, preferably a pantry, away from direct sunlight.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Pizza Seasoning

  • Freshness First: While the shelf life of this seasoning can go beyond 5 months, always give it a quick sniff test. Fresh ingredients and blends just have a fuller flavor!
  • Storage Matters: Make sure to keep this savory blend in an airtight container - a spice jar or even a mason jar works wonders. Humidity can be a spice’s worst enemy. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Spice Up or Not: Not everyone is a fan of the spicy kick from red pepper flakes. Feel free to adjust or skip based on your taste.
  • Versatility for the Win: This isn’t just a topping for your pizza dough! Try it in your tomato sauce, sprinkle some on your garlic bread or even mix with olive oil for a delightful dipping sauce. This seasoning is all about extra flavor!
  • Making in Bulk: Doubling or even tripling this recipe is a breeze. Depending on your pizza consumption (no judgments here!), this quantity is perfect for a couple of pizza nights.

FAQs about the Perfect Pizza Seasoning

1. Can I replace garlic powder with onion powder?

While garlic powder offers a distinct taste, if you find yourself out of it, onion powder can be a substitute. However, the savory flavors might shift a bit, making it a different but equally enticing blend.

2. What if I want to add fresh herbs instead of dried ones?

Fresh herbs do offer vibrant flavors but remember, dried herbs have a more concentrated taste. If opting for fresh herbs, you might have to adjust quantities. Also, ensure that your final blend is dry to increase its shelf life.

3. How does this homemade seasoning blend differ from store-bought pizzas or even Pizza Hut’s or Domino's oregano seasoning?

Homemade seasoning has the advantage of being customizable. You know exactly what goes in, and you can tweak it based on preferences. Store-bought seasonings, even from big pizza chains, often have added preservatives. This homemade pizza seasoning recipe is pure, flavorful, and without extra ingredients you might not want.

4. Can I add parmesan cheese to this seasoning?

Absolutely! Adding finely grated parmesan cheese to your pizza spice mix can give it an extra layer of savory flavors. Just remember, once you add cheese, the shelf life might reduce due to the moisture content in the cheese.

5. I heard about adding dried lemon zest to pizza seasoning. Is it a good mix?

Dried lemon zest can add a refreshing tang to the mix. However, it's all about personal preferences. If you’re into a bit of zesty punch in your pizza, give it a try! Just use it sparingly to ensure it doesn't overpower the traditional Italian herbs.

mixture of pizza seasoning ingredients

Key Takeaways

1. Homemade Goodness:

Nothing beats the raw authenticity of a homemade spice blend. When you craft your own seasoning from scratch, it's not just about the flavors; it's the heart and effort that goes into it. By taking the time to create your own blend, you're ensuring a chemical-free, pure concoction that hasn't been diluted or altered by additives commonly found in commercial blends. Plus, there's an unparalleled satisfaction in knowing exactly what's gracing your food. The knowledge and transparency of ingredients make every bite just a little more special.

2. Versatility:

To label this as just 'pizza seasoning' would be an injustice. This blend is a powerhouse of flavor! A symphony of herbs and spices, it can seamlessly integrate into a multitude of dishes. Imagine sprinkling it over your pasta, giving an extra flavor kick to your garlic bread, or even enhancing the simple pleasure of crispy French fries. It's not just about pizza; it's about elevating the flavor profile of multiple dishes and taking them from good to exceptional.

3. Customizable:

One of the beauties of cooking is tailoring dishes to personal tastes. We all have unique palates, and what's too spicy or bland for one may be just perfect for another. This recipe, though delightful on its own, is an open canvas. Feel like an extra kick? Toss in some black pepper. Craving a creamy tang? A hint of sour cream might be your secret ingredient. The zesty aroma of dried lemon zest? A pinch could bring a refreshing twist. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your culinary imagination.

4. Storage is Key:

Storing spices might seem like a no-brainer task, but it's paramount to the longevity and potency of your blend. Moisture, air, and light are the nemesis of freshness. Thus, choosing the right container - be it a glass jar with a tight seal or a dedicated spice bottle, and placing it in a cool, dry place is non-negotiable. Remember, the better the storage, the longer you get to savor the robust flavors of your special blend.

5. Perfect for Every Pizza:

Whether it's a lavish gourmet pizza topped with fresh ingredients, a quick store-bought version you're looking to jazz up, or a traditional pizza pie that needs an extra zing, this seasoning is your go-to companion. It’s not just about enhancing flavors; it’s about creating memories around every slice. With this seasoning in your culinary arsenal, every pizza transforms into an experience, not just a meal.


Dear pizza lovers, elevating our pizza game is not just about the dough or the cheese. It's often the unsung heroes like the right blend of seasoning that transform a good pizza into the best pizza. This easy homemade pizza seasoning is more than just a blend of herbs and spices. It's years of perfecting, tasting, and most importantly, sharing love in the form of food. Whether you’re having a solo pizza night or gathering with loved ones, this pizza seasoning recipe is bound to make it memorable. So, roll out that dough, spread that sauce, sprinkle this magic, and enjoy every bite!

pizza seasoning

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