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8 Elf on the shelf Poems

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As December rolls in, with the Christmas tree lighting up the corner of our living room and candy canes adorning the shelves, there's one little shelf ideas tradition that always brings a sparkle to the eyes of my little ones: the Elf on the Shelf. This year, I've decided to add a sweet twist to this family favorite - special Elf on the Shelf poems accompanying a delightful hot cocoa bomb. A great idea straight from the North Pole. Let's dive into this heartwarming tradition and how you can make it even more magical for your family!

elf on the shelf poems hoot cocoa

The Enchanting Arrival of the Elf

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, the anticipation builds for the arrival of our beloved Christmas elf. My kids love seeing all of the fun ideas. It's not just about finding them perched in different places each morning; it’s about the joy and the spirit of Christmas they bring into our home. Last year, our elf, whom we lovingly call Jingles, arrived with a note that set the tone for a season filled with fun and surprises. This hot cocoa bomb and elf on the shelf poem is a fun way to celebrate. Your kids will believe that your elf is the best elf. 

elf on the shelf hot cocoa bomb poem
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Why a Poem Makes It Extra Special

  • Builds Excitement: The anticipation of what the poem might reveal - maybe a hint of the fun activities or surprises in store - adds to the excitement.
  • A Personal Touch: Adding a poem gives a personal touch to the elf's arrival, making the moment even more memorable for the kids.
  • Sparks Imagination: Poetry has a way of sparking imagination, especially for little ones. It turns the elf's arrival into a story, a magical tale that they can be a part of.
Elf hot cocoa bomb poem

This Year's Surprise: Hot Cocoa Bomb with a Poem

Imagine the look of wonder on your children's faces as they find their elf holding a little package: a magical hot chocolate bomb, accompanied by a special poem. Here's the poem I'll be using this year:

In a world of snowflakes and wintery cheer,
Your Elf on the Shelf whispers close, lean in, hear:
"Amidst the twinkling lights and frosty nights so calm,
I bring to you a magical hot chocolate bomb.
Stir it in your mug with a smile, wait and see,
As it melts away, revealing secrets with glee.
A swirl of cocoa, a dance of marshmallows sweet,
In this cup of warmth, where magic and comfort meet.
Remember, as you sip this chocolatey dream,
The world is full of wonder, more than it may seem.
So, let this treat remind you, in the coldest of weather,
That joy and warmth are found when we're together."

8 elf on the shelf poems

7 Elf on the shelf poems

Here are 7 poem Elf on the Shelf poems. Each poem concept is designed to capture the magic and joy of the holiday season, perfect for incorporating into your Elf on the Shelf activities or other festive traditions:

Santas Scout Poem

"Santa's Scout"
Theme: Scout Elf's Adventures
A whimsical poem about the scout elf's nightly journey to the North Pole, reporting the day's fun and mischief to Santa Claus, and returning with new ideas for holiday fun.

"Santa's Scout"

In the hush of the night when the stars twinkle bright,
A scout elf awakens, with the moon as its light.
With a stretch and a yawn, it starts its nightly flight,
To the North Pole it goes, soaring through the night.

Through the whispering pines and the frosty air,
It dashes and dances with nary a care.
Over rooftops and treetops, the world seems so small,
To report to dear Santa, the best job of all.

In Santa's warm workshop, where dreams come to life,
The elf shares tales of joy, and sometimes of strife.
Of pillow forts built and snowball fights won,
Of cookies left uneaten, and chores left undone.

Santa listens and chuckles, his eyes all aglow,
As he hears of the children, both friend and foe.
He nods and he winks, then crafts a new plan,
For more holiday fun, as only he can.

With a sack full of ideas and a heart full of cheer,
The scout elf waves goodbye, the mission is clear.
Back through the cold night, the elf takes to the sky,
Eager to share Santa's new plans, oh so sly.

As dawn breaks the dark, with a soft rosy hue,
The elf finds a new spot, hidden from view.
With a twinkle in its eye and a new game to play,
Ready for the children to wake and to say:

"Look there! Our elf, it moved in the night!
What mischief it brings, what holiday delight!"
For in each home it visits, with each playful jest,
The scout elf brings magic, and that's what it does best.

So remember this tale, of the scout from the Pole,
Bringing joy and laughter, its most treasured role.
For each night it travels, through the starry sky's vault,
A guardian of Christmas, Santa's dearest scout.

The Last Elf in the Toyshop poem

"The Last Elf in the Toyshop"
Theme: The Last Elf's Special Mission
A heartwarming story in verse about the last elf in Santa's toyshop who stays behind to finish an extra special toy, illustrating the spirit of dedication and love.

"The Last Elf in the Toyshop"

In the heart of the North, where the snow gently drops,
Stood an old toyshop, the workplace of elves and their props.
One night, as the clock struck the end of the day,
All the elves headed home, but one chose to stay.

This elf, with a smile, had a mission in mind,
A special toy unfinished, one of a kind.
While others were resting, this elf worked with glee,
Crafting with care, by the light of the tree.

Stitch by stitch, and paint stroke by stroke,
The toy came to life, a dream it evoked.
A doll with bright eyes and a dress spun with gold,
A gift for a child, a story untold.

As morning light crept and the workshop awoke,
The last elf stood tired, yet its spirit unbroken.
With the toy now complete, in the workshop it shone,
A symbol of love, from the dedication shown.

Santa arrived, and with joy, he did say,
"Thank you, dear elf, for your work on this day.
Your heart and your spirit have made this toy real,
A gift of pure love, for a child to feel."

So remember this tale of the last elf's night,
Staying behind to make Christmas bright.
For sometimes the greatest gifts we can give,
Are made with love and the life we live.

dear little friend elf poem

"Dear Little Friend"
Theme: Elf and Child Friendship
A sweet poem from the perspective of the elf, expressing affection and pride for the little girl or boy they're assigned to, and the special bond they share during Christmas.

"Dear Little Friend"

Dear little friend, with your eyes so bright,
I watch over you, each day and night.
In this festive season, where magic dwells,
I'm your elf, with stories to tell.

From the North Pole, to your cozy home,
Through wintry skies, I have flown.
To bring you joy, and holiday cheer,
And to be your companion, year after year.

We've shared secrets, and laughter too,
In each game played, and each prank we brew.
I've seen you grow, brave and kind,
In every deed, a good heart I find.

I beam with pride, at your every feat,
From building snowmen to baking sweet treats.
In each sparkle of your gleeful eyes,
Lies the spirit of Christmas, pure and wise.

As I report to Santa, in the quiet night,
I speak of your warmth, and your inner light.
For you, dear child, are a gift so true,
A blessing to the season, in all you do.

So remember, dear friend, in this time of mirth,
You're the joy and the wonder of this Earth.
As your elf, I'll be here, year after year,
Cherishing our bond, so precious and dear.

jelly bean jamboree poem

"Jelly Bean Jamboree"
Theme: Elf's Fun Mischief
A fun and playful poem about the elf's nightly antics, involving jelly beans and other candies, creating a delightful mess and joy for children to discover in the morning.

"Jelly Bean Jamboree"

In the quiet of night, when the stars twinkle keen,
There's a rustle of mischief, unseen but not mean.
It's the elf of the house, with a twinkle in eye,
Planning a jamboree, under the night sky.

With a bag full of jelly beans, bright and sweet,
The elf sets about with nimble feet.
Scattering candies here and there,
In shoes, in cups, on the teddy bear.

A trail of colors, a playful sight,
A rainbow leading through the night.
In the kitchen, a sugar delight,
Jelly beans perched on heights just right.

As morning dawns, with yawns and stretches wide,
Children awaken to a colorful tide.
Giggles and laughs, a joyous cheer,
As they find jelly beans far and near.

"Look here! Look there!" they excitedly call,
Discovering surprises, big and small.
In this game of sweet hide and seek,
The elf has brought fun to its weekly peak.

So here's to the elf and its jamboree,
A night of fun, as sweet as can be.
For in these moments of playful spree,
Lies the heart of Christmas glee.

Christmas Eve flight poem

"The Christmas Eve Flight"
Theme: Hot Air Balloon Adventure
An imaginative poem about an elf's magical journey on Christmas Eve in a hot air balloon, soaring over cities and towns, sprinkling festive cheer.

"The Christmas Eve Flight"

On Christmas Eve, as stars twinkle bright,
An elf takes flight in a balloon, a magical sight.
High above houses, cities, and towns,
Gliding silently, it wears no frowns.

In a balloon painted red, green, and gold,
The elf embarks on a journey bold.
Soaring over rooftops dusted with snow,
Glimpsing the warm, festive lights below.

With a sack full of glitter, stars, and cheer,
The elf spreads joy, far and near.
A sprinkle here, a dash there,
Magic fills the cold winter air.

Children asleep, dreaming in their beds,
Visions of sugarplums dance in their heads.
Unaware of the elf above so high,
Painting a trail across the sky.

Over mountains, rivers, and sleeping lands,
The balloon floats gently, guided by elfish hands.
Whispers of laughter, a jolly tune,
Silhouetted 'gainst the bright, round moon.

As dawn breaks, the journey ends,
Back to the North Pole, where the day begins.
The elf smiles, its mission complete,
The Christmas Eve flight, a feat so sweet.

So remember this tale of the elf's night ride,
In a hot air balloon, across the sky so wide.
Bringing joy and wonder on a special night,
A journey of magic, under the starlight.

The Merry Morning of Christmas Poem

"The Merry Morning of Christmas"
Theme: Christmas Morning Delight
A joyful poem capturing the excitement and happiness of children on Christmas morning, with references to the fun and games the elf had planned for them.

"The Merry Morning of Christmas"

When the dawn of Christmas merrily breaks,
With the sun shining on frosty snowflakes,
Children awaken, eyes wide with glee,
Rushing to see what's under the tree.

Stockings are stuffed, presents piled high,
Joyful laughter fills the sky.
In every corner, magic's found,
With festive cheer spread all around.

The elf, now resting from its nightly play,
Smiles at the joy of Christmas day.
Remembering the games, the hide and seek,
The giggles and squeals, the joyful shriek.

Under the tree, the gifts they find,
Wrapped with love, so beautifully designed.
Each toy and game, a memory made,
In the warmth of home, where love's displayed.

The cookies bitten, the milk glass bare,
Signs of Santa's visit there.
But in their hearts, they know it's true,
The elf had a hand in this joyous view.

So here's to the morning, merry and bright,
Filled with laughter and sheer delight.
Thanks to the elf, who worked through the night,
To make Christmas morning a beautiful sight.

Elfs End-of-Day Reflections poem

"Elf’s End-of-Day Reflections"
Theme: Elf's Quiet Moments
A thoughtful poem from the elf’s perspective as they reflect on the day's events each night, filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the next day.

In the still of the night, when the house is asleep,
An elf sits quietly, no longer a peep.
Reflecting on the day, with a heart content,
Thinking of the joyous moments that went.

In the hush of the shadows, with the moon's soft glow,
The elf recalls the day's cheerful show.
The laughter and surprises, the games played so well,
In each mischievous act, a story to tell.

The joy in the children's bright, sparkling eyes,
As they discovered each morning's new surprise.
The giggles and whispers, the excitement so dear,
Bringing the magic of Christmas cheer.

Yet with each night's end, there's a promise anew,
Of more adventures and fun to pursue.
The elf plans and ponders, with a twinkle in their eye,
For tomorrow's wonders, under the sky.

So, in these quiet moments, as the stars shine above,
The elf feels a sense of joy, of love.
For in their small ways, they've spread cheer and delight,
Ready to do it all again, when the morning is bright.

Elf on The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition (Blue-Eyed Girl Scout Elf)
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FAQs: Elf on the Shelf Poems and Surprises

How do I introduce the elf with a poem?

  1. Set the Scene: Choose a cozy spot near your Christmas tree or in the living room. Perfect Christmas time treat! 
  2. Place the Elf: Position your little elves holding the hot cocoa bomb and the poem. ( I like to put the hot chocolate bomb in a cute Christmas bag with a ribbon) 
  3. Gather the Kids: Have your children find the elf and read the poem together. Here are some fun elf poems. You can pick a different theme for much fun. Your funny elf with have so much Christmas fun bringing these elf on the shelf printable every day. 

Can I create my own Christmas elves poem?

Absolutely! Personalizing the poem makes it even more special. Use references to past fun times or inside jokes to make it resonate with your family.

Are hot cocoa bombs safe for kids?

Yes, they are generally safe. However, always check the ingredients for any potential allergens.

How can I involve my children in this tradition?

Let them take turns finding the favorite elf each morning or even suggest hiding spots. Each kid on the nice list with enjoy the fun of the Christmas season. 

Any tips for first-time Elf on the Shelf parents?

Start simple and focus on the joy it brings rather than perfection. Remember, it's all about making magical Christmas memories! Your elf always brings good cheer and a wide happy smile when your kids see the fun things your adorable elf does each morning. 

Key Takeaways: Making the Most of Your Elf on the Shelf Tradition

  • Embrace the Magic: This tradition is all about bringing the magic of the holiday season into your home.
  • Personalization is Key: Whether it's through a poem, the elf's name, or the activities they bring, personalizing the experience makes it more memorable.
  • Inclusivity: Involve the whole family in this tradition, making it a collective joyous activity.

Conclusion: Elf on the Shelf poems

Ending a blog post always feels a bit like saying goodbye after a great party. You don't want it to end, but you're left with wonderful memories. I hope this post about Elf on the Shelf poems and the magical hot cocoa bomb surprise leaves you with a few ideas to sprinkle extra joy this Christmas. Until next time, keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your hearts and homes!

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