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Your Baby’s First Word will be Dada by Jimmy Fallon

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Your Baby's First Word will be Dada by Jimmy Fallon
If you are a big Jimmy Fallon fan like we are, you’ll have to check out his new book, “Your Baby’s First Word will be Dada by Jimmy Fallon“.  Fathers Day is coming up and this would be a fun book that your child can give to their dad.  This book is available in Board book, hardcover or Kindle version.  We bought our book in the board book style.  Here are a few pages of this book.

IMG_0903 IMG_0904

If you aren’t familiar with the story behind this book, here it is:

“Emmy Award and Grammy Award winner Jimmy Fallon did everything in his power to ensure that his daughter’s first word would be “Dada!” Yes, he has many other projects on his plate, like hosting NBC’s The Tonight Show. But he was determined that his daughter would say “Dada!” before any other word. He worked very hard on this. Winnie’s first word was “Mama!””

Love this:

This book is a must have in your collection, because Jimmy Fallon is just awesome and who wouldn’t want a Jimmy Fallon board book in their collection? Right?

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