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YOU Changed My Life By Max Lucado *review*

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They’re the people who make life nicer, more beautiful… and for some, bearable. They’re real people with remarkable hearts. People whose unselfish generosity wraps a strong arm around your shoulders and walks you from the brink of despair to the axis of hope.

They give whether anyone notices or not. They sacrifice without being asked. They give up personal dreams for the sake of others.

What would we do without them? Let’s hope we never have to. What can we do for them? Let’s recognize what they’ve done and give them a medal of gratefulness. Let’s say, “Thank You!” “

Thanks to Booksneeze and their blogger book review program, I had the opportunity to review a great Gift book by Max Lucado. I reviewed the book, YOU Changed My Life, Stories of Real People with Remarkable Hearts. I have read so many of Max Lucado’s kids books that I was very excited to review this gift book. I have always been touched by the stories and meanings in Max Lucado’s stories. This book is the same. It is packed full of heartwarming stories and quotes of kindness and love. This book is a perfect book to give as a gift to say thank you, or buy for yourself to motivate or inspire you.

The book is separated into eight different categories: Love, Kindness, Commitment, Compassion, Hope, Courage, Wisdom and Friendship. Each category has different stories, quotes and beautiful artwork in that topic. Your heart will be touched by reading this book and you will be motivated to do more good around you.

One story that really touched me was on Love. It talks about a terrible tragedy where many people were killed. The bishop spoke comforting words to the mourners saying, “IT is very difficult for us to understand why God should let such an awful disaster happen, but we know Him and we trust Him, and all will be right. I have at home, ” he continued, “an old bookmark given to me by my mother. It is worked in silk, and, when I examine the wrong side of it, I see nothing but a tangle of threads, crossed and re-crossed. It looks like a big mistake. One would think that someone had done it who did not know what she was doing. But, when I turn it over and look at the right side, I see there, beautifully embroidered, the letters GOD IS LOVE. “We are looking at this today,” he counseled, “from the wrong side. Someday we shall see it from another standpoint, and understand.”

This book if filled with many more great and inspiring stories. I also think that it is really neat that 100% of the author royalties from this book will benefit children and families through World Vision and other ministries of faith-based compassion.

I highly recommend this book to buy for yourself, a family member, a friend, or anyone who has touched your heart.

I love the quote from the book, “Kind Hearts are quietly kind. They let the car cut into traffic and the young mom with three kids move up in the checkout line. They pick up the neighbor’s trash can that rolled into the street.” Probably because I am a young mom with three kids so I know how this could make my day! I hope that I can find ways to be quietly kind to others!

“Kindness is Contagious.”

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