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One thing I love about the new year is that you get to start out fresh. You get to take a look at the previous year and re-evaluate what you want to change and what went well.  I try to teach my kids to love and cherish their life without regrets, but that making goals and having wishes is important.  It is these New Year Wishes that make things happen and make the upcoming year extra special.   We talk about things that are important to them and how they can make those things special and more a part of their life.  These wishes help them to discover who they are and who they want to be.


In Disney Star Darlings, just like my daughter built her New Year wish list, each Star Darling has her own wish that she pursues with full force and determination—and the help of her friends. I love that my daughter can read about their determination and learn how to pursue her wishes in the same way. I love the idea of teaching her to wish upon her own star, because all things are possible.


Disney’s Star Darlings is a book Series by Ahmet Zappa and Shana Muldoon Zappa.  It is written for tweens ages 8-12.  My daughter was so excited to get these books in the mail because she had heard a lot about them and wanting to start reading them right away.  Star Darlings was launches in Fall 2015 and answers questions of where wishes come from.  This series features a diverse array of star-charmed girls who encourage and help others to fulfill their heartfelt wishes. Lessons that are so important for girls to learn.


 More about Star Darlings

“Just like real girls, each Star Darling has her own wish that she pursues with full force and determination—and the help of her friends. These shared journeys and experiences provide exceptionally positive examples to inspire tweens to follow their dreams, and are experienced through books, dolls, music and apparel, along with a mobile app and animated shorts. Disney “Star Darlings” offers an innovative and unparalleled lifestyle experience that encourages tweens to harness the power of their individuality, highlights the power of making positive choices, and shows that they can make anything possible.

As far back as anyone can remember, Starlings who have completed special training, have granted wishes for Earthlings. But a major crisis is afoot and soon twelve unique girls from the prestigious Starling Academy are chosen to be the first student Starlings to venture to Earth. Rich with themes of friendship, confidence, leadership, and teamwork, the Star Darlings as they are known, go on the most magical adventures of their lives. Determined to succeed in spite of their youthful inexperience, the girls show courage and ingenuity—plus a whole lot of humor—as they guide Wishers to discover happiness and fulfillment.”

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