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What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp?

The thought of starting Crossfit can be scary. If you wonder What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp?, then hopefully my experience can help you out.

What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp?

What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp?

You will want to take before and after measurements and photos. I know what you are thinking. No way will I take pictures at the beginning of your journey. You don't like how you look and you don't want those pictures, but taking a before and after measurement and photos will be where you see the most change. You will be able to see the physical difference in the photos and the inches lost in the measurements. I know it is hard, but it will be worth it. I recommend getting your start weight also and then not weighing yourself again until you are finished with your Crossfit Boot Camp.

You will learn the Crossfit Basics. A Cross Fit Boot Camp class teaches you the tools that you need to know to do Crossfit. Most Boot camps are beginner classes so they will do a good job and teaching you step by step. Crossfit is a high intensity workout and your Boot Camp will help build you up to taking regular classes. What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp? Each Crossfit workout will be different. Each day you go to your Crossfit Bootcamp you will find find your workout on the board. Each day you will be focusing on a different part of your body. You will learn strength training, cardio, muscle endurance, core and flexibility.

What types of equipment should I expect to use? Each Crossfit Boot Camp is different, but you may use Kettle bells, boxes for box jumps, Wall balls, weights, bars, and jump ropes.

You will benefit from keeping a workout journal and a food journal- I recommend on day one bringing a journal with you where you write down your workout. It is important to make sure you are writing down how much weight you were able to lift and how many reps you were able to do so when you look back you are able to see your progress. When you are home, you can keep track of the food you eat each day in the same journal. I have found that I am more accountable for my eating when I write it down.

You need to drink a lot of water. I was warned about this before I started but I didn't take it very seriously,  After my first Crossfit workout, I didn't drink very much water and I had a really bad headache by the end of the day. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. I have found on the days that I work out that it helps if I drink more.

Best product I have found to stay hydrated in my workouts:

You will hurt. This isn't meant to scare you off. It is a good thing. Really, it is! If you are hurting that means you are working out new muscles. The day after my first workout was pretty miserable. It hurt to move, but in that weird way, the hurt felt really good because I knew that I had accomplished something. The first week is the hardest and the pain is less and less and typically just in the area you just worked out.

What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp?You will get stronger. This is probably the most excited part for me. In just 6 short weeks, I am amazed at how far I have come. What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp? Strength. I am a beginner and not the strongest person in the world but it is exciting to see how much more weight I can lift each week. When I first started, I was quick to grab the 5 pound weights, but now I am lifting the 10-12 pounds weights and it feels great. Each week you will see improvement as you focus on your strength.

You can do it. I didn't think I could do it. I was really scared when I started. My coach told me when I signed up that I was better off that most people because I actually signed up. Most people think about it and get scared off. This actually was a confidence boost for me because I knew that if I had the motivation to sign up that I could do it. I made the commitment and even though it was hard, I stuck with it. You can do it, too. Sometimes the hardest part is signing up!

I hope that you were able to learn from my experiences about What can I expect from a Crossfit Boot Camp.

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