Beet, Orange & Carrot Juice

The blend of earthy beets with the tangy kick from the oranges is simply unbeatable. This has quickly become a staple in my morning routine. Five stars all the way!

This recipe is a game changer for your morning routine.  


– beets – small carrots or 2 large carrots – navel oranges

Wash all your fresh ingredients very thoroughly. Then add carrots to the juicer. 

Next you are going to take your peeled orange and add it to your Breville Juicer.  

Add your beets to the juicer.  This is the most important step for this recipe because this is where it gets it red color.

This recipe is the best when it is prepared and eaten immediately. 

I like to keep all of these ingredients on hand so I can make myself a delicious beet, orange and carrot red juice every morning.  Its amazing how much better I feel when I consume more fresh ingredients. 

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