Nutter Butter Reindeer

I tried making the Nutter Butter Reindeer treats, and they were a hit! Melting the chocolate was simple, and dipping the cookies was fun.  They were not only adorable but also delicious. 

Here's my favorite approach using Nutter Butters. It's straightforward, fast, and utterly scrumptious. Makes 12-15 Nutter Butters


– Nutter Butter cookies – Milk chocolate melting wafers – Small edible eyes – Red M&Ms – Mini pretzels

Melt the milk chocolate wafers using a double boiler.

Once melted, dip each Nutter Butter cookie into the chocolate, ensuring full coverage.

Lay the chocolate-coated Nutter Butter on the parchment paper, setting it just above the pretzel antlers.

While the chocolate is still warm, affix two edible eyes towards the top of the cookie.

Place a red M&M at the center bottom of the cookie for the nose. Allow the chocolate to harden, setting your festive reindeer treats.

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