Easy Lemon Garlic Pasta Recipe

To be completely honest, this lemon garlic pasta is one of the most delicious pasta dishes I've ever had.

It's also really easy to cook, and all the ingredients it uses are pantry staples, so it's also a great meal to make when you are running out of food and need to make a trip to the grocery store but don't feel like it.


wheat spaghetti lemon juice olive oil Bacon strips half and half parsley leaves Lemon slices

In boiling salted water place the pasta and cook for 10 minutes or until al dente.

While cooking the pasta, set a pan over medium heat and cook the bacon strips until crispy. Set aside.

In a separate pan over medium heat, cook the garlic and olive oil until fragrant (1-2 minutes). Add the half and half and lemon juice, and stir for 1 minute. Set aside.

Once the pasta is done, transfer it to serving bowls and pour the sauce over it.

Top it with the bacon and parsley. Garnish it with the lemon slices.

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