Easy 10 minute Vanilla Ice Cream in a Bag

If you are looking to cool off this summer, here is a fantastic Easy 10-Minute Vanilla Ice Cream in a Bag recipe for you! Not only is it fast to make, but it is fun, too!

This is perfect for all ages. My kids all enjoyed being involved in the whole process of making ice cream. They each took turns shaking it, too.


Ice cubes half and half rock salt sugar vanilla

Add sugar, half and half or milk, and vanilla extract into quart size ziplock bag. Seal.

Inside the gallon bag, add the rock salt and ice.

Put the quart-size ziplock bag into the larger bag and seal.

Shake, shake some more, and shake harder.

Pass it off to someone else to shake some more, so your hands don’t freeze. After about 10 minutes of shaking, your ice cream will be ready!

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