Creative writing prompts ideas

Do your kids love writing stories?

step by step guide

How to Start Your Story Step 1: Find Your Idea - Use an inspiration jar filled with prompts to spark your creativity.

Designate a cozy corner where the little authors can settle down with their jars. Equip this nook with comfortable seating, ample lighting, and a vibrant ambiance that encourages creative thoughts.

Gather your markers, stickers, notebooks, and anything you need to get your creative juices flowing. Don't forget your inspiration jar! 

Think about the best thing about your day, your best friend, your favorite thing, your favorites animal, that last video games you played, your favorite food, favorite movie, favorite animal, favorite sport, a good friend, a favorite character in a movie, your favorite song, your favorite subject in school, your favorite season or a recent dream.  

In the bustling world of third graders, imagination blossoms at every corner. This vital period is an excellent opportunity to nurture their innate creativity and guide them towards becoming expressive writers.

get started!

I believe in you! 

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