Chocolate Chip S'mores Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe

Your family is going to love you when you make this amazing chocolate chip s'mores instant pot cheesecake recipe. Made with all your favorite campfire flavors into the perfect cheesecake.

This delicious Instant Pot cheesecake recipe is the perfect holiday party dessert or just a treat!


Graham Crackers Sugar Butter Cream Cheese Vanilla Flour Eggs

Start by mixing Graham crackers in your food processor. Add in your sugar and your melted butter.

Grease your springform pan really well so your cheesecake doesn't stick, then press crumbs into the bottom of your pan.

In a large mixing bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and flour until smooth.

Add in eggs, chocolate chips, sour cream, and marshmallow fluff, and beat until smooth.

Pour the batter into your prepared springform pan.

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