BonBon Ice Cream Brownie Bite

I feel like the end of the day comes around quicker than I am ready for it. That is why I like to have a special treat to end the day with. Okay, any excuse for a delicious dessert is a good excuse.

The BonBon Ice Cream Brownie Bite is a delicious treat that the kids can help you make and you can enjoy together.


Brownie Mix Dreyer's Ice Cream Chocolate Chips

Bake brownies according to the directions on the box in silicone cupcake liners. Allow it to cool completely.

Use an Ice Cream scoop and scoop out individual scoops of Ice Cream onto Wire Rack. Place Rack in freezer.

Melt chocolate chips. I do this by microwaving chocolate chips at half power for 30 seconds. Stir, then repeat until melted.

Pull out ice cream scoops and place a wire rack over wax paper. Pour the melted chocolate over each scoop of ice cream and return it to the freezer until hardened.

Place one ice cream bonbon on each brownie cup.

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