Easy No Churn Biscoff Ice Cream

This recipe has certainly elevated my dessert game, promising a gourmet experience right at home. It's safe to say, I've found the ultimate treat for every Biscoff lover out there!

The creamy texture paired with the delightful crunch of the Biscoff cookies offers a heavenly experience that is hard to describe.


– Whipping cream – Sweetened condensed milk – Cookie butter – Biscoff Cookies

In a large mixing bowl, mix the whipping cream using a hand mixer until it forms stiff peaks. Gently stir in the sweetened condensed milk to maintain a fluffy texture.

Break the Biscoff cookies into chunky pieces, setting aside.  In a freezer-safe container, spread a layer using 1/3 of the cream mixture.

Gracefully ribbon in 1/3 cup of cookie butter across this creamy base.  Scatter 1/3 of the broken cookies over the mixture.

Repeat steps 4 to 6 two more times to build delightful layers.

Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours. Serve and savor the creamy cookie butter spread blended with crunchy cookies. Enjoy!

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