How to Make Box Brownies More Fudgy

I've tried countless methods to perfect my brownies, but these tips were a total game-changer! Each tip was spot-on, and my brownies have never tasted better.

TIP ONE :   Replace vegetable oil with melted butter for a richer, moist brownie

TIP TWO :   Toss in one more egg than the box suggests for that dense, fudgy texture.

TIP THREE :   Use slightly less water than instructed to intensify the fudginess.

TIP FOUR :  Stir your brownie batter just until ingredients meld, avoiding an overmixed, cakey outcome.

TIP FIVE :  A smaller baking pan makes for thicker, denser brownies.

TIP SIX :  Underbake by a few minutes. The toothpick should come out with moist crumbs.

TIP SEVEN :  Patience! Let the brownies set in the pan for the fudgiest consistency.

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