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Talk about an opportunity of a life time. We watched The Sandlot on The Sandlot. The actual Sandlot pictured above was re-created for a 20 year anniversary event. Fans were invited to this free event where they got the opportunity to take photos from home plate, watch the movie and get autographs from the actors. 

My oldest son and my husband are both baseball FANATICS. They are Giants baseball fans, little league coach and player, and HUGE Sandlot fans. With this said, this was an event we couldn’t miss out on. My son was so excited to swing a bat, and get his picture taken in the spot where The Sandlot baseball was played in the movie filmed 20 years ago. 
When we first arrived, a line was already being formed for autographs, so I stood in line while my son and husband walked around and took some photos.
As part of the festivities, The Utah Film Commission then presented a plaque to the director and crew in honor of “The Sandlot” location becoming a historical location in Utah Filmmaking.
Each member of the cast and crew had a chance to get their picture with this plaque.


David Mickey Evans, Director/Writer/Narrator of The Sandlot, had a fun surprise for his girlfriend and Fans. On this spot, The Sandlot, that was so important to him, he proposed to his girl friend! It was pretty cute. After, he threw a ball to her to catch to seal the proposal!
Here it is. The cast and crew in attendance:  
Left to right, David Mickey Evans – Director/Writer/Narrator, Daniel Zacapa – Grandpa Squints Police Chief, Shane Obedzinski – Tommy Repeat Timmons, Victor DiMattia – Timmy Timmons, Patrick Renna – Hamilton Porter, Chauncey Leopardi – Squints, Marty York – Yeah Yeah, Cathleen Summers – Executive Producer
Waiting in line to get a ball and DVD signed
Getting ready for the movie to start. Luckily I had a chance to step out of line to put our blanket down so we could have good seats to see the movie. 



Robbie is so excited to watch the movie. They gave out free popcorn and water bottles to enjoy during the show. 



Check out the big screen!
Unfortunately, the lines were REALLY long to get autographs, which is to be expected with all of these Sandlot fans! This was my view for the majority of the movie. My husband and son were able to watch the movie from their blanket and get the true experience while I waited for autographs.
Six hours later… I texted my husband to tell him it was time for autographs. They couldn’t be more excited!


All in all, it was a great experience. The Utah Film Commission did a great job organizing and putting on this event. My son and husband loved the opportunity and were so excited to meet the actors. My son now has this fun memorabilia to remember this experience:


Thank you Utah Film Commission  and cast and crew from The Sandlot for this great event!