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Used Car Safety Checklist

Used Car Safety Checklist

Whether you are getting ready to take a long road trip or just want to make sure your vehicle is road worthy for the week, here are some good checks to make sure your vehicle continues to operate at its best.

Here are three simple checks that will improve your vehicle performance and safety.

1. Oil - Think of your car's engine as its heart and the oil as its blood. To keep that heart pumping you want to be sure it always have enough blood. Especially for older used vehicles, check your oil levels regularly. The only tool you need for this is you and a rag. Locate your vehicles oil dipstick pull it out, wipe it clean and replace it. This is important if the engine was recently running it could give you a false reading. After cleaning and replacing the dip stick, pull it out again and check to see that you have adequate oil. Add oil a quart at a time to get to the indicator mark. (if your levels are half way between the indicator and the end, it usually means you are one quart low). Always check your owner's manual for instructions on oil requirements.

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