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I love this time of year. The weather is getting cold, the kitchen smells of homemade cookies and I get to shop for the most perfect gift for family and friends. I love the challenge of going to a busy story with Christmas music playing loud and hunting for the best gift for each person on my list. I especially look forward to shopping for my kids. Finding them gifts like card games, video game, a new bike, a favorite book or a drone. As I buy the gift I imagine the smile that will be on their face as they open their present. But one thing I always remember when shopping: Toys and batteries go together.

I remember one Christmas a few years back I got my son the PERFECT gift. He was going through a dinosaur phase and this toy dinosaur moved and talked and was controlled my a remote control. I was SO excited for Christmas morning to see how excited he was when he opened the gift. And he was SO excited! I mean, the squeal, jump in the year, rip the box open excited. And then I realized his new perfect, totally awesome dinosaur needed batteries. Batteries that we didn’t have. We looked everywhere for the batteries and even tried to steal them from other toys or remotes but were unable to find the right size. Its amazing with a young kid how quickly that excitement can turn to sadness. I felt horrible. We are always ready with extra Energizer batteries Christmas morning.

And you can, too— just stop by your local Walmart where you can save on Energizer batteries. Right now Energizer MAX AA and AAA 8 pack batteries are on rollback for $5.97 through 1/30/17. They also have an amazing Rollback price as well as great savings at through the end of the year. Don’t forget to scan your receipt after you make your purchase in your ShopKick app and you’ll earn Kicks through December 2nd. 

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Always remember that Toys and batteries go together. When you finish going through the perfect shopping list, you can get your gifts and your Energizer batteries together at Walmart. For an extra value, you can get a $5 Walmart eGift Card with a $15 purchase of Energizer Brand batteries in a single purchase now through 1/30/17 Happy Holidays!

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