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 Its September 26th and we had our first snow today. It feels like fall just barely started, but really winter is approaching quicker that we realize. Did you know that there are only 13 more Saturdays until Christmas! An approaching winter means more that just cooler weather, but a time to start thinking about holiday gifts.
I have rounded up the Top Ten Tips for Perfect Holiday Gift Giving to help give you a stress-free holiday shopping season. 
1. Make Thoughtful Choices– Think about who you are giving a gift to and make sure that it is a gift they would want. Never buy just to buy. Make sure it is something that they are going to want and use.
2. Make it personal–  What talents do you have that you could incorporate into your gift? Give a homemade gift that really represents you. 
3. Gifts that Inspire– Find products that inspire your recipient to reach for their dreams and develop their talents.
4. Give a Gift that brings people together and creates memories. Give a gift that can bring you closer together. Visit the Lakeside Collection for unique holiday gifts.
5. Give gifts that reflect on your past memories and experiences.  These are often very heartfelt and appreciated. They bring back wonderful memories and help your recipient relive them again and again.
6. Ask around. If you are still stumped, ask around. Ask their mom, brother, cousin or friend what they would recommend. It never hurts to ask.
7. Ask the gift Recipient. If all else fails, ask your recipient. Have them make you a wish list of what they really want. 
8. Start early and shop sales!  I have some friends that start their holiday shopping at the day after Christmas sales. Others just watch for sales all year round. Starting early and shopping sales gives you the opportunity to give better gifts for less. Often when you wait until the last minute you spend more money, feel more stress and often can’t find what you really want.
9. Stay organized.  Make a file folder, or a list in a notebook. This is important after #6 because its easy to forget what we bought and who we bought it for so stay organized so you don’t over buy.
10. Don’t Blow Your Budget. Just because you want to give the perfect gift doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. The perfect gift is always one that comes more from your heart than from your pocketbook.