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The Popcorn Factory Sampler Box Review

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I received The Popcorn Factory Sampler Box for review.  All opinions are my own.

Doesn’t the box above look adorable!  My kids were so excited to get this in the mail and even more excited to see what was inside the present!  I think the sampler boxes are a lot of fun, because they really look like a wrapped holiday present, but inside they are filled with a delicious assortment of holiday treats.  My kids were so excited to open the box to discover lots of delicious treats!

I was surprised by how much came in The Popcorn Factory Sampler box.  It was fun to get an opportunity to try lots of different product and get a better idea of what The Popcorn Factory has to offer.  These are also great boxes for if you are having a casual get together because you have a variety of treats to share with a smaller crowd.  You can also give this as a holiday gift, hostess gift or serve at your New Years Day party.  My kids quickly picked their favorites that they wanted to try, but I also used some of the items to add to my holiday gifts for family members. 

My kids quickly claimed the cookies and candies for themselves!  🙂  It was fun having family movie night, where we pulled out a selection of The Popcorn Factory treats and sampled them out.  My husband loved the Coconut Snowballs, and my kids loved the cookies and Jelly Beans.  I used the foil balls to add color and dimension inside the box of a holiday gift that I sent out.  

I love Chips and Salsa.  This, my husband and I claimed for ourselves! 🙂  I was very impressed by the delicious flavor of both the corn chips and the salsa.  The Medium Salsa was the perfect amount of sweet and spicy and it made a delicious appetizer. This would also be great to put at on New Years Day to snack on while you are watching Football or New Years Day parades.

My dad is a huge Honey Roasted Peanuts fan, and so I didn’t think twice about adding this to his holiday gift.  The look and premium quality of these products make great gifts and its nice having a sampler box where you can pick and chose what to do with the different items.  

The Popcorn Factory Popcorn was definitely the highlight of the box.  My kids were so eager to try the popcorn.  After lots of begging, I finally gave in.  We tried Cheese Popcorn, White Cheddar Popcorn, Drizzled Caramel Corn, and S’mores Corn.  Each and every one was delicious, full of flavor and a fantastic snack.  I was actually surprised, that my kids favorites were the cheese popcorn, where naturally, mine was the ones with Chocolate!  I wish that we had more, because it was so delicious.  

I recommend buying the Happy New Year Popcorn tin  because you get more of the delicious flavors for your holiday parties.   I don’t know about you, but New Years Eve and New Years day tends to be a day of snacks, games, football and family where having a big tin of popcorn really is the perfect treat!

You can check out The Popcorn Factory Selection online and order your New Years goodies.

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