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The Perfect Gift for the Hard-to-Buy-For Dad

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The Perfect Gift for the Hard-to-Buy-For Dad

It can be so difficult to find the right Father’s Day present, especially for dads who don’t want to make a fuss. They like what they like. If they’re going to spend money on something, they want it to last, and it would be nice if they could use it for a long time. They’d also love one product that could do a lot of things.

For this kind of dad, finding a nice gift that says how much you appreciate him can be almost impossible.

smiling kidsmiling kidFather and Gift

At the same time, a dad like that loves to do things for others and wants nothing more than to spend time with their kids. For Father’s Day, all you want to do to find a thoughtful gift you know he’ll love, one that tells him you see what he does every day and you can’t thank them enough.

A man sitting at a table using a laptop

Otter Pass makes products for that kind of dad. They’re the bags your grandfather might have used if he’d worked all day and changed diapers, if he was in charge of packing up snacks and activities for a day on the town with the kids. They’re simple products made for good dads to use in every part of their lives.

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Otter Pass has seven products in two different colors—black and olive-and-espresso— made out of authentic leather and waxed canvas. The people who make Otter Pass products also make leather goods for Madewell and J. Crew. They’re built to last; they’ll only look better with time. The design process took years: every pocket and seam, every toggle and clasp, is perfectly placed.

All Otter Pass products are made to do more than one thing (because what dad doesn’t nerd out a little at the idea of cool products that change? It’s kind of like spy gear for grownups.)

wallet on a table

The Dad Wallet is the affordable replacement for the one he’s had for years (probably held together by duct tape, let’s be honest). It’s got room for everything a standard wallet holds plus notebooks and a slim pen to write down the cute things kids say, a credit-card-sized pocketknife, band-aids for kids’ boo-boos and hair ties for ponytails on hot days. For dads with older kids especially, the Dad Wallet is designed to have just what you need without carrying a bag.

Bag and Father

The Messenger Bag is perfect for work, but it also doubles as a diaper bag or go-to bag as kids age. It’s comfortable to wear. The slim design allows you to pack everything you need without ever feeling bulky. It’s easy to open with one hand and it always looks good.

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The Bag Insert is a bag organizer that holds a 13” laptop or iPad in its lined inner pouch and keeps everything else a dad needs for work or time with the kids in its many pockets—earbuds in the leather loop, notebooks in the back, mouse for work on one side, crayons for coloring on the other. There’s room for everything in this slim insert that slips seamlessly into any bag. It can also work on its own—it’s the perfect piece to grab before a presentation or long meeting.

Bag and Father

The Dad Dopp Kit can hold snacks and an ice pack for a day on the town, but its also perfect for toiletries for traveling. It’s lightly insulated and easy to clean; its unique trim design makes it stackable, but the handle means you can use it like a small lunchbox.

Bottle and young boy

The Bottle Holder is the perfect size for an 8-oz baby bottle or any 12-oz bottle for adults, as well as two standard-size cans stacked together. Its flat bottom and light insulation hold the bottle and keeps it cool, whether nestled in your bag or as a standalone accessory.

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The Travel Case holds diapers and wipes, but it’s also perfect for Kindles or mini-iPads, small paperbacks, computer cords, or anything else you need to keep together in one place. It’s ideal for the boardroom or the washroom.

Bag and Gift

The Lined Pouch keeps pacifiers clean with its special lining, but it also holds credit cards or chapstick or anything else you need. It can clip to a keychain or a bag (and its unisex design makes it great for moms too!).

A boy sitting on a bench
Otter Pass started with one goal—to help dads connect well with their kids. In today’s hectic world, Otter Pass make sure dads can grab whatever they need without any hassle so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most: their kids.

This Father’s Day, Otter Pass is the perfect present for the hardworking, intentional, hard-to-buy for dad.

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