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9 more days. How is that possible! I think this summer went by faster than the previous ones. School uniforms are bought. Backpacks, pencils, lunch boxes and more are purchased. My kids are so excited that they have already chosen their first day of school outfits and have everything laid out and ready for school. Are you ready for your kids to go back to school? This is a hard question for me, because where I love the freedom and fun of summer I also love the routine of the school year.
This year is our first year where my kids have to wear school uniforms. I love school uniforms. I love that they are convenient. All of your pieces coordinate so you can rotate the pieces around to make so many adorable outfits. This makes shopping a lot easier on me because everything I purchases works together and matches. Being a busy mom, easy is very appreciated!
I also find that I save money on my back to school shopping with Uniforms. When I don’t have to buy more separate outfits and use them as coordinating outfits, I don’t have to buy as many pieces and I normally would have bought going back to school. Easy and save money? Win/win!
I have loaded this review with lots of pictures because I could tell you again and again that The Children’s Place uniforms are really cute. You may or may not believe me, but pictures don’t lie. Every single one of these pictures show that The Children’s Place uniforms are adorable, stylish and trendy. I received a gift card from The Children’s Place to review their uniforms. All opinions are my own. 
I was very impressed with the quality of the uniforms that we received from The Children’s Place. Kids tend to run and play and go through clothes quickly, so at the start of a new school year, it is very important to me to find clothes that are built well and will last as long as possible. I felt that the these uniforms are built to last and withstand daily play.

My daughter was very concerned first about wearing a uniform but now she is very excited because she knows that head to toe, Uniforms are comfortable and cute. She is very picky when it comes to clothes because if they are uncomfortable and all she complains and does not want to wear them. She commented on how comfortable her uniforms were and didn’t want to change out of them! She felt comfortable, cute and confident which is always important!

One important thing to me is the cost when it comes to back to school shopping. Having two kids going back to school and having to wear uniforms for the first time, it meant that I need to buy a new school uniform for two kids. This can be overwhelming and stressful for a parent because the cost can be difficult for many. I found The Children’s Place uniforms to be affordable and helped me to be able to get more for my money.
Personally for me, one of the things that I really love about uniforms is that they are modest. I love that the kids all look cute but there is never any pressure of dressing immodestly. All the kids are wearing the same styles and looks so everyone feels comfortable without feeling like they need to compromise standards. Especially in the higher grades, the level of modest in a public school can be concerning and I love that Uniforms take away those pressures.
I love all the different pieces of uniforms but I think my favorite pieces are the layered shirts. I love that you get the look and feel of two pieces but the comfort and affordability of only buying one piece. I think the style is adorable and really adds a lot to a pair of shorts, pants or a skirt.
Seriously, isn’t it adorable!
I think that she looks classy and stylish in an outfit that she can feel comfortable in. My daughter tends to get nervous for school so I like to give her as many tools as possible to feel comfortable and confident in new situations. The Children’s Place has helped make this possible with their adorable style of Uniforms.
I was very impressed with not only their styles, quality and affordability but also their selection. Whether you are shopping for a girl or a boy they have a variety of styles for everyones needs! My daughter was able to find a great selection from dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, and shirts to socks, shoes and accessories.
If your child is going back to school and you are looking for some last minute items, you can find them at The Children’s Place. Whether you are looking for uniforms or regular styles, The Children’s Place has a great selection at affordable prices.
Visit The Children’s Place for your Back to School Uniform needs.