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Thanksgiving Family Traditions #MyKindOfHoliday

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thanks·giv·ing  (thngks-gvng)

1. An act of giving thanks; an expression of gratitude, especially to God: a hymn of thanksgiving.
2. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day.

An act of giving thanks: an expression of gratitude. especially to God.  How awesome, is it that we have a day dedicated to giving thanks.  How important is it that we have a day dedicated to our expression of gratitude.  This day is so important.  Its #MyKindOfHoliday.  Being a mom of four, I find this day to be extra important.  I want my kids to truly understand the importance of being thankful.  I want them to understand expressing gratitude.  In our home, expressing gratitude, especially to God is very important.  

But lets be honest here.  Thanksgiving is one of our busy days of the year.  We have lots of family the live near us.  We often host Thanksgiving at our home, so I wake up early on Thanksgiving and often get consumed with cleaning, dishes, cooking, making pies, setting up tables, decorating, etc that Thanks and Giving are often at the back of my mind.  This is why my husband and I started the tradition pictured above.  Each Thanksgiving, we set a moment aside where my kids and I can talk about Thanksgiving and what we are Thankful for and then we write these items on our Thankful Leaves and hang them on our Thankful tree pictured above.  This year, for part of our Thanksgiving decorations, I framed the leaves that we wrote last year, so we can remember being Thankful the whole fall season so we can better be prepared for Thanksgiving day.  

Another personal tradition of mine is decorating.  I love decorating for fall.  It is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for because the fall colors are so beautiful, festival and inviting.  I love filling my house with the sights and smells of fall so when my guests come to visit, they feel at home.  When my guests come for Thanksgiving Dinner, I want them to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy the festive holiday.  Target has always been able to help me celebrate with their beautiful, and festive dishes.
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These displays are stunning and really ad to making a holiday special and unique!
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What traditions do you have to make your holidays Special?

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