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Did you know that the Teletubbies are celebrating “20 Years of Big Hugs” throughout 2017! As part of this celebration the fun “Bubbles” DVD officially releases on June 20! Your  kids will love this Teletubbies Video as as the Teletubbies chase and pop bubbles, play with a magical music box and groove to the energetic Tubby Phone Dance. My youngest love the Teletubbies and enjoy playing and dancing along with the episodes. There are many great developmental benefits of Teletubbies including laughter, exploration, communication, activity, expression and more. I love when fun shows are built around the premise of teaching and helping our kids develop.

We had the fun chance to screen the new Teletubbies Bubbles DVD and let me tell you, it is so much fun! We love the music, bright colors, magic and fun! In this DVD you will find 6 magical episodes including Bubbles, Musical Box, Puddles, Wake Up Time, Windy Day and Bumps! Plus, fun special features with fun music and meeting the characters. Get ready to dance and play with the Teletubbies!

For those of you wanting to celebrating the Teletubbies Bubbles DVD with us– come celebrate with BUBBLES! Just like the Teletubbies give my kids joy and laughter, so do BUBBLES!! After enjoying the fun Bubbles episode, your kids will be so excited to enjoy some sunshine while popping bubbles! Serious fun for kids of all ages!!

Here is the perfect recipe for you. This can be used with any bubble wand.

DIY At Home Bubble Recipe  

6 cups water
1 cup dish soap
1/4 cup Corn Syrup
Mix water and dish soap until mixed. Add corn syrup and stir until solution is completely mixed together.
Even our dog Akira loves to join in on the bubble fun! Your kids will love a day of Teletubbies Bubbles and popping bubbles! For all things Teletubbies, visit them online at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
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