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I don’t know about you, but going back to school after a summer of less structure, sleeping in and lots of playing can be hard.  Suddenly you have to wake up your kids, get their lunches packed, get them dressed and fed and often my mornings are rushed and kindRead More →

I am sold.  Shelf Safe Milk is the way to go.  I was one of those on the fence people that needed more information to see if it was really worth it.  I took this review really seriously, because I liked the idea of my kids having milk in theirRead More →

Does Your Child’s Lunchbox Need a Healthy Makeover? Follow the “Five Cs” from Experts at Milk Unleashed 1.      Convenient – A package of string cheese is just as easy to toss in the lunchbox as a bag of salty, fatty potato chips. So is a box of raisins. And shelf safe milk. Keep some single-serve cartonsRead More →

My little sister is amazing. When it comes to creativity and craftiness her talents are off the charts.  I wish I could be an ounce as creative as she is.  Its not just crafty, its with food, too.  She bakes the most amazing and delicious treats.  If only I couldRead More →

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