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Ever since I was a little girl, I was a swimmer.  I was on swim teams year round and I loved the excitement of diving into the water and pushing myself as hard as I could to get a personal best.  My favorite strokes were butterfly and freestyle and the joy of swimming through the water brought be so much happiness.  I remember as a girl being so excited for the Olympic Games to be on so I could watch every swimming race possible.  I was so envious of their skill and talent and dreamed of being like these olympians.  I was in awe as they would race through the water and was always so excited for each Team USA olympic medal win.  The Olympic Games is and was such an exciting moment to watch.


Now that I am an adult, I get the joy of being able to watch my kids grow up loving a sport that is so important to me.  Both my oldest son and daughter have the same love of swimming that I have and it brings so much enjoyment to me being able to see them having the same experiences that I had in the swimming pool.  They have the same joy that I have of diving into the swimming pool and working so hard to achieve a personal best time.  There is something special about sharing something in common like a favorite sport with your kids.


Now that the Olympic Games are here, my kids and I are so excited to sit down and watch every race possible in swimming.  We are so excited that Michael Phelps is back in the Olympic Games this year and eager to see how many more medals he can add to his already impressive decorated collection!  There is so much excitement in watch a race and seeing who touches first and gets the medal.  We have already marked up the schedule and set our DVR so we can watch as many races as possible.  Go Team USA!  The Olympic Games is such a great way to spend time as a family and help kids realize that if they work hard they can achieve amazing dreams!


Our family loves the Olympic Games and looks forward to supporting it in any way that we can.  Did you know that you can help support Team USA by shopping for Proctor & Gamble brands at Walmart.  We can help power their dreams. Since we have a new baby in our home, we are supporting Team USA by purchasing Pampers Swaddlers so we can wrap sweet Evelyn with their blanket-like softness. Plus, their Extra absorbancy helps keep her dry longer with up to 12 hours of protection.  My favorite part?  The wetness indicator that lets me know exactly when its time for a chance.  I love that I can support Team USA and Olympian swimmer Dana Vollmer with our purchase of Pampers® Swaddlers Diapers from Walmart.

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