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Yesterday we went rode our bikes 
to the local farmers market.

Our very favorite bakery
has a truck that comes to the farmers market
and they sell super yummy bread.

Our favorite is the 
Orange Cranberry Bread.
We love to make stuffed french toast with it!

I thought I would give you the instructions
in case you can ever find 
Orange Cranberry Bread!!
Super Stuffed French Toast

orange cranberry bread (or something like it)
cream cheese
brown sugar
syrup (if you desire)
Slice the bread pretty thin.
Spread two slices of bread with cream cheese.
Sprinkle brown sugar on one slice of bread.

Place the two slices together.

Mix eggs, milk and vanilla thoroughly in a shallow bowl.
I used 4 eggs for one loaf of bread
and approximately 1/2 c of milk.
I don’t like my mixture very eggy :)!
Sorry this pic is fuzzy!
I learned something new from my hubby today.
I normally use my hands to dip the bread
and make a royal mess.
He put the bread on a fork
dipped it in the egg
and then placed it on the griddle.
Super smart…no messy hands!
Cook them up until golden brown.

Enjoy!! We like maple syrup on them.
My kids eat them with nothing on it 
eating it with their hands
like a sandwich.

Hope you enjoy!