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Summertime = Funtime with Peanuts Products from Target! #PeanutsatTarget

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 This post is sponsored by Target and our friend Snoopy.  All opinions are my own.

What’s better than a gorgeous summer day at the beach or the pool? A gorgeous summer day at the beach or pool with your Peanuts friends — who are celebrating their 65th anniversary this year, AND anticipating the fall release of the first-ever 3D CGI Peanuts feature film, THE PEANUTS MOVIE, from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox! This prize package from Target provides all you need for fun — just grab some cool drinks and healthy snacks, and you’re good to go. Work up a thirst with a game of paddle ball with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock, or a jumbo flying disc featuring a large picture of Snoopy.  Then quench that thirst in an adorable Snoopy sippy cup. And meet the new face of summer fun: the Snoopy ride-on pool float that’s larger-than-life-sized. It’s guaranteed to be an afternoon filled with laughs.


My kids have loved playing with our adorable Peanuts items!  They are perfect for the pool, backyard fun and we have even taken them to play at the beach.  We were excited and surprised when we saw how large snoopy blew up to be!  It was large enough for everyone to have fun taking turns riding!  It has handles on the side to help you stay on when in the lake.  (Don’t forget to wear a life vest for safety!) My favorite part was the jumbo flying disc because that is a way that I could jump in on the fun!  It is large that makes it super fun and easy to catch for all ages!  This Peanuts summer fun kit is the perfect way to start summer right!

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