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Starting my baby on Gerber Cereals

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img_8835There are so many amazing "Firsts" that happen with having a new baby. The first time you hold them, the first smile, their first holidays, the first time they try solid foods and so many more moments that as parents we cherish. Each of these firsts are moments that I love to capture and I am able to remember and enjoy each stage of my babies life.


Today, we were able to experience one of those special "firsts" for my baby. My daughter is about 4 1/2 months now and we went to the Doctor for her 4 month check up and he told us that we can start her on solid food. She is considered a supported sitter and Gerber Cereals are perfect for helping her have a balanced diet. He recommended that we start with Gerber Rice Cereal or Gerber Oatmeal Cereal and mix it with her formula to help her transition with a flavor that she is familiar with.


I quickly stopped by Target on the way home from the Doctors appointment so I could purchase her some Gerber Cereals. Right now you can receive 10% off Gerber Cereal through Target Cartwheel. It is always nice to get a little savings. I hurried home because I was excited to experience this First with my daughter.

As parents, it is so important to make sure that we are taking care of our babies and giving them when they need to be healthy. I love that Gerber Cereals help to ensure that my daughter has everything that she needs to be healthy and grow. It is so important to me that she is able to receive the benefits of iron to help support learning ability and prevent iron deficiency. My babies first feeding was a success! It was fun to see her smiles as she experienced these new flavors.

Don't forget to stop by Target to receive 10% off Gerber Cereal promotion available through Target Cartwheel.


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