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The Buddies are Back in a Spooktacular Adventure!

My kids are so excited for this movie to come out!  We have all of the Buddies movies and they love them so much!  Here are some fun Spooky Buddies activities to share with your kids!

For a goulish good time, catch Rosebud, B-Dawg, Buddah, Budderball, and Mudbud in their all-new Halloween-themed movie! SPOOKY BUDDIES continues the overwhelmingly popular franchise that features the adorable talking puppies, with action, laughs, and fast-paced adventure. We’ve got some assets to help spread the word!
SPOOKY BUDDIES Dog Biscuit Recipe, Family Night Viewing Party Tips, and Activity Sheet
Available for Download, here:

Check out this fun Spooky Buddies slideshow!

I sat down and watched these video clips with my kids!  This movie is going to be so much fun.  I love the dogs in their costumes!  🙂  Here are some great video clips for your enjoyment:
Bdawg Released the Halloween Hound
Taking Responsibility (film)
Sniffer’s Help (film)
Pip the Friendly Ghost (film)
SPOOKY BUDDIES premieres on Blu-ray, DVD and Movie Download from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on September 20th!

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