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Looking for that perfect cake for the 4th of July? Want to provide the WOW factor? This cake will definitely WOW! 🙂

This cake is so easy to make! No smoothing out of icing or need for piping bags! Just delicious Kit Kats and M & M’s to complete the final look of this cake!

Cake mix (make 2 8″ rounds”)
4 large packs of KitKats
Large bag of M&m’s (we picked out the red and blue)
Sparklers!!! 🙂

Cool and trim the cake so that it is level, then fill and ice the outside and top. Next take your Kit Kats and break them into two bar sections, and start placing them around your cake. When you are done, spread M&M’s on the top, making sure that you cover all of your icing. Add some sparklers to the top for a fun 4th of july effect! Its as easy as that!

Happy 4th of July!!